2020 Game 13: Twins at Pirates

With a staggering .833 win percentage, the Twins share the league’s best record with the Cubs and the (5-1) Marlins. Their run differential is just off of the Dodgers for the best in the league. None of this is overly surprising and I’m sure you’ve all been seeing that, but it’s still fun to type.

Kenta Maeda goes for the Twins against JT Brubaker, who’s making his first career start after two scoreless appearances as a reliever. Time to welcome him to the big leagues.

33 thoughts on “2020 Game 13: Twins at Pirates”

      1. I thought about it too, but I'm cool with that. Let 2019 be the special season that it was.

  1. Cory and Dazzle somehow got on the subject of Carlos Gomez. Dazzle said something like, "A lot of players, when they left the Twins, wanted to be the player they thought they were rather than the player the Twins thought they should be." Which is kind of a good summation of the decline in the 2010s.

  2. Tough way to lose, but you can't win them all, no matter how much you'd like to. We'll just have to settle for 57-3!

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