2020 GAME 16: TWINS (-161) at ROYALS (+148)

I'm much better with numbers than I am with words (except of course when it comes to profanity where I do consider myself a bit of an artist) so each Sunday as long as there is baseball you will get a Vegas betting angle on the Twins.

I lived in Vegas for 5 years before a too good to pass up tech company start up offer brought the family to Utah - but 3 months ago that company was bought by a 100% remote company (remote even before COVID) so we are actively looking to move - but while in Vegas I did spreadsheets and data analysis for a number of professional bettors and absolutely fell in love with the art that is sports betting.

Today's game:

Berrios vs Singer

The Twins #1 starter vs Royals #5 starter - time for the Twins best pitcher to get things back on track.

  • Twins -161 means you would get paid $100 for every $161 you bet on the Twins to win today
  • Royals +148 means you would get paid $148 for every $100 you bet on the Royals to win today
  • Total = 9  (add the score of both teams - is it OVER 9 or UNDER 9)

My money today is on the Twins to win and cover the -1.5 run line. I'm going to stay away from betting on the total.

Twins have seen 6 games go over the Vegas total and 9 go under the total so far this season.  They went 82 over 76 under and 7 ties against the total last year.

Vegas odds before the season started:

  • 34.5 Wins (Tied for 3rd best with Astros behind Dodgers and Yankees)
  • +800 (meaning 8 to 1 - bet $100 get $900 back - winning $800)  to win the Pennant (4th behind Yankees, Astros, and Rays)
  • +1800 to win the World Series (Yankees, Dodgers, Astros, Rays, Braves, Athletics with better odds at the time)

Vegas odds as of today:

  • 40 game win pace - 3 game losing streak not withstanding
  • +550 to win AL Pennant (2nd behind Yankees)
  • +1000 to win World Series (3rd behind Yankees and Dodgers)

Vegas sees the Twins as the team to beat in a weak Central division but a long shot to beat the Yankees in the postseason. Tell me if you heard that one before.........

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    1. Today is Costco shopping day (The natural social distancing of Sunday morning Costco is one of the few (of very few) perks of living in Utah) - might not be back in time to post prior to first pitch.

      1. the Mrs has similarly determined that early Sunday morning may be the optimal Costco shopping time, as it seems to minimize the number of nose-baring mask idiots. Overlap with local evangelical or Mormon church services may or may not be a coinkadink.

        1. Got in and out in under an hour and under $400 (which goes about 2 weeks in our house of 6 with 3 teenagers) and the overall mask wearing was pretty good. I did h however have this clip running through my head most of the time trying to move my cart through our usual path:

  1. There's a direct correlation between performance of the television color man and performance of the players.

  2. Seems like the Twins have had a lot of hard-hit outs. Which may be bad luck, but which also may say something about the Royals' defense.

      1. just a regular oven. I have both a stone and a steel. Trying to decide whether I should remove the steel to put the pan on the rack, or put the pan on the preheated steel. I'm a little worried about thermal shock.

        1. I suppose I could start the pan on the stove to pre-heat a bit before putting it in the oven. That's probably the way to go, as it would kick-start the crust a bit.

    1. Ive got baseball game on my tablet - switching between NASCAR, NBA, Hockey and Golf on the TV - all more interesting than the crap the Twins are putting out there again today.

    1. Well, for one thing, it's Cory. I can't say I remember him much, either, but this'll be his ninth season in the majors, including partial seasons. He's bounced around quite a bit, and has mostly pitched middle/setup relief. He's been fairly good, though--13-12, 3.64, 1.32 WHIP. 336 games (not counting this one), 302 innings. 8.4 Ks per nine. 3.8 walks per nine. 34 years old.

  3. It's a heck of a deal when you have sixteen pitchers and you still have to ship someone out because you need a fresh arm for the bullpen.

  4. The Twins were simply outplayed in this series. They lost because they deserved to lose. We'll just have to settle for 54-6!

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