2020 Game Log 18 — Twins at Brewers

Game two of a 3-game series against the Brew Crew. Twins going with a bullpen by committee tonight with Tyler Clippard getting the "start." Brewers at 6-8 have been a little disappointing this year, including 1-5 at home. After getting off that four game losing streak let's hope for more good luck for the Twins.


RF Kepler
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
3B Gonzalez
C Garver
2B Arraez
1B Sano
CF Buxton

Game time 7:10p

18 thoughts on “2020 Game Log 18 — Twins at Brewers”

    1. Definitely half bakef. Was supposed to be what does Jack Morris Think? (of going the reliever route)

      1. I don't know. Given that it's Jack Morris, the tag somehow seems appropriate just the way it is.

  1. It just hit me that the year all the teams get on board with extending the netting down the lines there are no fans to protect.

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