45 thoughts on “August 11, 2020: Yahtzee!”

  1. Boy, apparently based on Co'C activity, power is out a lot more than what we've been led to believe.

    Talking with folks on phone conference this morning, it seems that it's a universal corollary of Murphy's Law that all wind storms and gust fronts occur on trash day.

    1. No power outage here, but we did have somewhat of a thunderstorm this morning. More noise than anything--a little rain, some wind, but nothing that out of the ordinary.

  2. The assessment on the townhouse that Runner daughter had put an offer on came in $11K under (no idea where that offer amount her agent suggested came from), and after showing that to the sellers and instead countering only $2K over, the new offer was accepted. A little more of a bite at closing, but will lower her monthly a little.

  3. Finally got the power back on last night, after we'd checked in to a hotel of course. NBBW came over to the house to watch them work to reput up the lines. The whole neighborhood was out to watch the show. The two crews fixing our power were from KY and NoCar.

    Back at home now trying to get back into the routine, but Comcast/Internet is still down - they promised that will be fixed by 4PM tomorrow if not sooner. Doing laundry with one of those modern contraptions instead of with bar soap in the sink.

  4. Thought this was interesting and could help explain my difficulty sitting down and actually paying attention to games lately

      1. That's a 20% increase in just the past 9 years. Wow.

        Blame the strikeouts and walks. As much as people complain about slow batters or slow pitchers, an 11.3% increase in walk rate and 23.5% increase in strikeout rate compared to 2011 will push that number up even if everyone is moving quickly.

        1. the trend is much, much longer than just post-2011 on min/BIP, however. While there's not a lot going on before ~1982, the trend is pretty strong thereafter.
          I think it's all about the missed bats.

    1. i think that mostly reflects the evolution of missed bats. From 1982 on, there is a steady, upward march in K/9, whereas there is essentially no trend in BB/9, and only a weak, upward trend in HR/9.

    2. I assume that's an estimate. I don't know how you could actually know the exact time between balls in play, short of going back through recordings and watching all the games.

  5. Just had a conversation with a teacher that lives in my neighborhood and man, I feel for all of the stress, frustration, confusion, and fear they are dealing with as the district is putting its plan together. They also have two kids in the schools so all of those feelings are coming from both the personal and professional side.

    I keep saying there aren't any right answers for schools now, but there's something wrong with every one (at least for my situation).

    1. Our school just announced hybrid middle school but online high school. Trying to wrap my head around the reasoning for a difference in the two.

      1. Ours only split between elementary & secondary and if the positive case loads in the county were higher (but not high enough for online-only) then we could have an elementary hybrid and secondary distance plan.

        I'm back to really struggling with the decision as there is a separate full-time distance plan available and it at least sounds like you are locked in to your choice for a full semester. If hybrid goes to online-only because of the # of cases, it will be a different distance learning program.

        I know what is safest. But I don't know what is best for my children's overall well-being and think they are both struggling, just in different ways. And how do I factor my mental health, distance learning was HARD on my family. Ugh, I've been so mad about where we are lately and don't see that changing.

      2. Yeah, I don't get that. Middle schoolers should be lumped with high schoolers. FWIW, I've been tracking Dakota county Covid numbers and there's been some flattening the last couple of weeks. The county's 14 total per 10K is about 22.5, which is up from 17 when they announced the hybrid plan, but it's been at 22 or so for about 10 days. I'm not sure it will get to 30 by Labor Day. But, now I understand we aren't starting until Sept. 14th.

        1. When I was in Fargo, Middle school was 5-6-7 and then at one point, 5-6. Jr. High 7-8. I agree; just pointing out middle school doesn't seem to be a standard term.

          1. In our district at least, middle school is 6-8 and they are in different buildings from elementary schools.

            1. (K at times), Elementary, Middle, JR, And High School were all different buildings. And I misspoke 8,9 was Jr High. It just varies from district to district on how to split this, and there is no great info on what the call is to make. I think what Fargo is doing for my nephews is ridiculous (MTW week 1, ThF week 2) other half on the opposite schedule. But they can't do virtual in 2nd and K really. So ... yeah.

      3. Could be they think high schoolers will be better able to do fully online learning compared to middle schoolers. I don't know whether that is true, or whether either is the right choice, but I can understand that like of thinking.

        1. That's the only thing I can think of.

          On the other hand, if you deem it safe enough for middle schoolers to do hybrid, I think you'd offer it for high school too.

  6. Laureano gets 6 games, Cintron gets 20. I'm good with that, though as strategery noted, he should probably get an extra 10 for hiding.

    1. 6 games is ten percent of the season. That's pretty harsh. He's been one of the A's best hitters and the only CFer on their active roster. I have a hard time imagining Mark Canha playing CF in his place, although he has 125 career starts there.

      1. You didn't already know that some people (lefties, or sock puppets, I'm not sure) have long questioned her "blackness"?

        1. No, I did not. There are insufferables everywhere. I kind of tune them out. I suspected she was bi-racial, but I didn't know the Indian part.

      2. Also, she is older than I am. Let's suppose for a second that Biden wins and then she wins in 24 and 28. It could be 2033 before I'm older than the president of the United States in that scenario. I would be 68 then. Since she's only a couple of months older than I am, the oldest person never to be older than the president would be about 68 and just shy of three months. Would not be the record.

      1. don't tell me you are one of those Philistines who says "a historic" instead of "an historic"!!!???

  7. Twins acquire Ildemaro Vargas from Arizona for cash considerations. I really don't see what he brings that they don't already have, but maybe the Twins know something I don't.

  8. NBA talk;

    Maybe it's just me, but I think that the bubble environment has been really good for the game. I'm not talking about the Covid related issues, I'm talking about how the game looks on television and the level of play. Guys are fresh, sure, but they are playing a compact schedule. I think the effect of the relentless travel can be seen in the total lack of travel here. Plus, the Clips and Dame Lillard got into a twitter spat and it was glorious.

    I still think that the additional space around the court is striking, but I'm used to it now and I really like it. Of course, that will go away once they get back into the home arenas because $$$. I know that the NBA has been toying with the idea of a shorter season and a mid-season tournament. I think that if they had such a tournament in a really small gym and a win or go home format at WDW (imagine having their families there and letting the families enjoy WDW). I would absolutely be on board for something like this.

    The best game I've seen so far was Dallas/Milwaukee on Saturday night. What. A. Game. Milwaukee is good, really good, but we knew that. Dallas was able to win in overtime due to the flat out great play of Luka Doncic. This guy is an absolute star and he was on full display in this game. 36 points, 19 assists(!!!) and 14 rebounds. Dallas is one of my rooting interests simply due to Luka.

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