Games 20 & 21: royals @ twins – Let’s play two!

Because of some truly menacing weather yesterday, we get to test out the goofy new 2020 doubleheader rules. Seven inning games! What do ya know about that? Funny that they are doing an actual, non-split doubleheader, now that there aren't fans to come.

Game 1 features former Terry Ryan thirst trap Ian Kennedy squaring off against Jake Odorizzi. The Odor this far has been mostly absent, so hopefully this game will get him started off on the path he was on last season.

Game 2 is unclear thus far. Bullpen game? Berrios? Odorizzi again? Who knows? It'll be fun, either way.

41 thoughts on “Games 20 & 21: royals @ twins – Let’s play two!”

      1. Six strikeouts and no walks in four plus innings aged okay. Still only two runs. That's a quality start in a seven inning game.

  1. I noticed the Twins move that player fatheads around. I thinks that Herb sitting behind the right hander batter box? Johan is behind the lefty box

    1. Just got back from an outdoor lunch with my dad - turned on just in time - I am definitely to blame here......

  2. Monkey Knife Fight?
    Not THE Monkey Knife Fight, because that brewery has closed. πŸ™

        1. They have it going on against the Twins, anyway. They're 4-1 against Minnesota, 5-11 against everyone else.

  3. The Twins have the third-best record in the league right now. I know there's still a ways to go, but if the season ended today, the Twins would play #6 seed Cleveland in the first round.

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