8 thoughts on “August 16, 2020: Tech Support”

  1. https://stacksocial.com/sales/vpn-unlimited-lifetime-subscription

    That has worked well for me. I *hear* you can use it to get discounted NFL Sunday Ticket and/or to avoid local blackouts for MLB or NBA league passes.

    I do get some slow down depending on the server that I use - but usually get 30MB or better (I get 300-400MB on my gigabit wireless home connection). Although - again I've been told - I understand you can connect to the VPN to spoof the streaming service that you are outside the US to connect to the video stream and then disconnect the VPN to get your full speed and stream quality.

  2. Thinking about getting a VPN.

    My only question would be why. If it's to get around region locking, then almost any service will do. Watch out for some services that share your connection as a VPN for other users. If it's for actual security uses, then research for VPN providers that are reputable and don't log.

    1. If I were a working journalist or activist, I’d also consider the merits of a foreign-based VPN provider.

  3. On the zoom the other night Rhu_Ru and I were talking about athletes with various disabilities - I brought up Mattiah Muralitharan's controversial bowling action, due to a congenitally bent arm.

    Wisden ranked him in 2002 as the greatest test bowler. In 2017 he was the only Sri Lankan in the ICC HoF.

  4. Apparently the guy who coached Garver last season is now working for the Evil Empire to help Gary Sanchez.

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