2020 GAME 48: Indians (+113) at Twins (-123) – Total 9.5

Last Sunday:

  • 36.6 win pace
  • +1000 AL Pennant (7th behind NYY, TB, OAK, CHW, HOU, CLE)
  • +1800 World Series (11th - behind AL teams above plus LAD, SD, ATL,  CHC)


  • 37 win pace
  • +750 AL Pennant (7th behind NYY, TB, OAK, CHW)
  • +1600 World Series (9th - behind AL teams above plus LAD, SD, ATL,  CHC)

Playoffs.  Lets talk playoffs.  There is a HUGE difference between having the 4th seed or the 5th seed.  The 4th seed means the Twins stay home for the entire best of 3 game series against, and lets just be honest here, it will be, the New York Yankees although if the season ended today it would be Toronto and there is an outside chance it could be Houston.  Fall to the 5th seed and its off to New York - either Yankee stadium or the AAA stadium in Buffalo to play Toronto.

The Twins have the best home record in the majors at 20-5 and among playoff teams only the Astros at 7-17 and the Yankees at 8-14 have worse road records than the Twins 9-13.

The AL Division on AL Championship series will be played in neutral stadiums. According to the NY Times it appears the AL will play in California and the NL in Texas with the World Series in Texas.  So there is no home field advantage to getting a top 3 seed beyond the first round.

So the difference between catching the White Sox and getting a top 3 seed effectively only means the difference in facing Tampa Bay or Oakland in the ALDS or ALCS but the difference between 4th and 5th I believe is the difference between winning and losing that first round matchup - regardless of who the opponent is.  I am scoreboard watching - but I am just as if not more concerned with Toronto and the Yankees than I am with the Bitch Sox. And just as a side note - am I the only one who actually misses Hawk Harrelson?  He made watching Twins Sox games fun - especially when the Twins won.

It is worth note that the Vikings play today and one can understand Kirk Cousins' views on COVID-19. I mean whats more risky to his health: dropping back behind that joke of an offensive line or the corona-virus?



35 thoughts on “2020 GAME 48: Indians (+113) at Twins (-123) – Total 9.5”

      1. Pineda looks to be there now. Berríos has done well of late and needs to continue. Even Hill has looked reasonable. I'm more concerned with their ability to actually score.

        1. I don't have the optimism around Berrios to win a playoff game. Hope I am wrong.

          I agree 100% - I worry about the bats going cold come playoff time like they always seem to do.

                1. That was an argument that people tried last year. It holds no water at all this season. The players on this team are very much aware and I believe affected by the stigma of the Yankees and the teams post season failures.

                  1. It matters as much as momentum. They're going to keep losing until they win. There's not going to be some deeper reason except this time they won. I honestly don't think the players care all that much beyond the obvious that losing means they are eliminated.

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