12 thoughts on “September 13, 2020: Sunday the 13th”

  1. When we came in on the flight last week, we stopped at Lunds+Byerlys off 35E (maybe White Bear Lake?) because our usual groc preference was closed.

    I used to go to Lunds off Crosstown in the old days to get lamb - no-one else carried it. And Byerlys for their wild rice soup.

    We picked up some stuff, and I saw the wild rice soup on a bigly packed shelf. We grabbed a pint container - and had it today for lunch.

    Awesome creamy soup with chicken, wild rice, onions, carrot, barley, almonds. Great crunch and hearty fats as well.

    1. We used to get these Italian antipasto olives made by Mazzetta's, they had a white wine and oil brine with pepperoncinis, red bell pepper chunks, whole garlic cloves and various spices, but a couple of years ago they discontinued them and we couldn't find them anywhere. Last week in Washington the wife and daughter went shopping and they found those olives. The jar says "New" and "Regional Flavors" and the non-olive ingredients are chopped finer instead of being whole or chunky, but the flavors are exactly the same. We bought two jars and brought them home. I've already eaten half a jar.

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