2020 Game Log 49: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

Big four game series starting against the Sox tonight. I mentioned this somewhere else but it sure feels like a long time since the Sox and Twins were going down to the wire at the end of a season, such as it is.

Hopefully we get another outing of good Berríos, for both the Twins and my fantasy team! Cease is getting his third major league start, and the first two weren't great.

As weird as this season has been, at least it's been interesting for us Twins fans.

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  1. I made the ghost pepper curry tonight. Blazing hot. "Sweat while you eat it" hot.

    I wish there was a LITTLE more balance to the flavor, but it's my first try at it, and I'm pleased that it's edible (ymmv on what you consider "edible")

        1. You made the curry paste? How does one do this? I use store bought, and though I love my curry, there's never enough heat.

          1. Ghost was a little bit of overkill. Habanero always brings heat with a nice flavor -- I tried the paste before I put it in, and it was pretty good. The recipe I was looking at called for curry paste, so I went out and looked to find a decent recipe for it, trying to go as "from scratch" as possible. I'll try it again, though it was fairly time consuming, because I didn't really know what I was doing.

            1. That didn't answer your question at all.

              Basically, there's a bunch of spices and peppers and the like that you toss in a food processor until you get the right consistency. I didn't quite get the right consistency (it was a little watery), but it didn't really matter that much, because a little extra liquid in the curry doesn't bother me.

              1. yup.

                Indian curry or Thai curry? They are very different things.

                Lots of Indian curries start with a paste of ginger, garlic, and onion, or finish with a tarka (spices bloomed in hot oil or ghee, sometimes with fried onions)

    1. I'm definitely an amateur cook. I made scrambled eggs with habenero. I took a big whiff of the pepper and had a coughing fit. In the finished product, no spice at all! Maybe I should have left some seeds.

      1. Seeds and (especially) the white membrane that carries them carry the vast, vast majority of the capsacin. A lot of people I know just go with the flesh of the peppers, then get surprised when there's no punch to the final product.

        I should say I'm a ways below sub-amateur, as far as cooking goes, but I like hot and savory things, and my wife doesn't, so I usually make my own stuff when I want something with a little kick to it.

      2. Only one professional cook on this site (and one? Other professionally trained). Not counting the professional food pr0nist.

        We are all amateurs.

  2. Graphics shows White Sox have gone 9-1 against Detroit and Kansas City. I guess the plus is no more easy wins are left. They have a four-game series in Cleveland in the final week.

        1. why even field a ball anymore? if its a grounder heading for the gap just throw your hands in the air

          1. I hear ya. We could just add doubles as another true outcome, and cut down on those pesky "plays" that have been ruining baseball for so long.

            1. Do people know about the Twins double Chick-fil-A thing? If the Twins get a double, you can get a free chicken sandwich the next day. I have a neighbor that had basically fed his teenage son this way.

          2. This is definitely one of my least favorite rules. A fielder should be at least expected to try to get the ball out from the fence. Clearly here he showed it was easy to get out. If the ball can’t be dislodged, an umpire should come over to try to get the ball out, and if the umpire can dislodge the ball, the nearest outfielder should be ejected from the game to get some rest, because clearly he is feeling too weak to play baseball, and the fielding team should be forced to finish the inning with 8 fielders.

            Yes, I feel strongly about this.

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