45 thoughts on “September 14, 2020: Cobwebs (Apologies, Cleveland Spiders Fan!)”

  1. The ipads the school gave all the students are hot garbage. Nearly every child dropping their connection a dozen times. Those fortunate like us to switch to PCs with Chrome have been doing fine since.

    1. I’d strongly suspect a bad config in whatever IT management suite the district is using on those iPads. I’ve used three iPads for work for over the past six years (not exclusively; I still have a “regular” computer) and have never experienced connectivity issues I could ascribe to hardware.

      The MacBook Pro I have from the University is laden with the crap, however — Active Directory, BigFix, Cisco anti-virus, and Jobs knows what else. Suffice it to say, the people who set that stuff up don’t know much about efficient configs for non-PC architectures.

      1. the people who set that stuff up don’t know much about efficient configs for non-PC architectures.

        So very, very true. My college IT department has apparently only recently figured out how to put anything on a Mac at all, unfortunately for me. I had been perfectly fine just doing everything myself, and they seemed ok with just letting me do it. But, those days may be ending. I was just issued a new laptop to replace what I've been using for the past 6 years, and I evidently don't get full-time administrator access on my computer anymore. I can have administrator access for 20 minutes at a time, and apparently whenever I want, which seems like a strange setup.

        I mean, I can probably mess things about as severely in 20 min as I could given more time.

          1. The problem there is, I'm not sure I trust any of the IT people to actually be able to fix any problems I would make on a Mac, so I would just be left to fix it myself anyway.

            In 20 minute bursts, of course.

        1. Without knowing more details, the 20 minute time limit does make some sense. This is how the extremely common sudo tool works, albeit it's possible to run commands that keep administrator access until they are closed rather than for 20 minutes.

          My college IT department has apparently only recently figured out how to put anything on a Mac at all, unfortunately for me.

          And that's why I continue to use a Windows laptop at work.

          1. IT has had Windows machines locked down all along, it’s just now spread to the few Mac users, too. Most Windows users on our campus are not allowed to install anything themselves, they need to have IT do absolutely everything for them. So at least this is still better than that.

      2. If it helps, I know a couple guys that work in the IT department there (but are not responsible for your direct complaint) and one of them did agree with you that BigFix is a big 'ol piece of CPU eating bullshit ever created.

        1. Had similar problem on the elementary iPad. The middle schooler’s chromebook seems ok.

          Now, schedules and meeting links still aren’t all arranged, so we’re just winging things.
          Hot messes all around.

    2. We've been okay with the iPad so far this year. The peperoncino had a Chromebook in the spring, and it was just not a good fit for a younger kid. So many basic things were hard to do--his mouse skills to drag and drop things were only so-so, and for someone who can't type at all, it meant an adult had to intervene A LOT. It's looking like he'll be able to work more independently on the iPad thanks to the touchscreen, so I'm happy about the switch for him.

    1. I'm particularly curious about this, because they've cut ties with other DJs over what I think are probably lesser things (Oake's heated post abusing those who enforced the drinking age against his daughter), and for similar things (Keillor - seems like he did nothing illegal too, iirc from the big investigation that came out). They were so quick to cut ties in those cases that their reluctance now seems weird.

      1. Yeah, I saw that one too. Hiding behind copyright laws? How about "here, let's demonstrate our commitment to diversity by spending some money to get the rights you want."

  2. Just in time for the showdown series. Why can't we have nice things?

    Rosario had perhaps the most overt injury, as an awkward collision with Byron Buxton during a Buxton catch left Rosario with what the Twins described as a left elbow contusion. May left the game due to some minor back cramps, while Sano is dealing with a sore neck. While none of the injuries seems like a big concern for now, it’s possible any or all of the trio could get a day off on Monday when the Twins begin a huge four-game series against the White Sox.

  3. I just went to hint.fm s wind map for a looksee what the gulf looks like. I spent a lot of time exploring their other projects including the digital attack maps. I'm now scared of everything. Thanks hint.fm.

        1. It happened on ISU's campus while I was at drake (the victim was loosely tangent to me). And this was a defense. After hiding the car in garage/barn for weeks afterward.

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