13 thoughts on “September 15, 2020: An Ángel From Below”

  1. Haven't slept well the past couple nights; during my team video call this morning, I mentioned that and requested that any IMs or emails be saved until this afternoon.

      1. right! like, not with a chain attached to heavy equipment! I watched that clip about 20 times yesterday and everything I chuckled and shook my head

        1. that tether is totally slack -- it must have gotten away from him right away when it started falling. there'd have been bonus points if it fell and took off a pickup bumper as well.

          1. There is a great tutorial video on how to drop a tree between two houses on YouTube. Someone may have linked to it in the twitters threads on that video. It’s amazing.

            1. On the lake growing up, we used to do odd jobs like taking out trees between cabins, etc.

              To do this, we used an H-tractor, nylon webbing, and a ComeAlong jack. After attaching the tackle, we used spades/axes to cut the roots, but slowly pull the tree where you want it to go. Need a fulcrum at the end to pop the roots out. Voila.

    1. i couldn't stop laughing at that whole thread yesterday.

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