2020 Game 51: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

Jake Odorizzi
Lucas Giolito

Coming into this series, I was hoping the Twins to at least split. That's still possible but I'm not counting on it. FanGraphs dropped the Twins to 16.2% to win the division. They have an easier schedule for their final 10 games versus Chicago's final 12 but they need to also make up three games. And consistently score more than two runs a game.

11 thoughts on “2020 Game 51: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox”

  1. That was Rosario's 17th walk of the season. He had 22 last year. It's unlikely but possible he will top that in a third the PAs.

  2. At least there won't be a sweep.

    I sure hope TexasTwinsFan's optimism rubs off. We need the boys to get back on a hot streak.

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