15 thoughts on “September 19, 2020: Red Blue Green”

    1. I've always liked Gardy. He was in charge of the team during my second (and lasting) phase of Twins fandom, and he managed some extremely fun teams. He was a better manager by far than Molitor. It's a bit of a shame that he never ended up winning it all, but I hope that he looks back on his career and remembers the good times and knows that he did really well.

      1. He does have a World Series ring as a coach and a Manager of the Year award, and that's not small potatoes.

            1. Not far behind in ejections per year. Cox had 162 ejections but in 29 seasons to average 5.59 per season. Gardy finishes with 84 ejections in his 16 seasons for 5.25 per season. Gardy needed only four more to tie LaRussa and Frisch.

              Weaver had 96 ejections over 17 seasons for 5.65 per season. However, right behind Gardy is Paul Richards with his 82 ejections in only 12 seasons to net 6.83 per season. Going further down the list, I found Bill Dahlen with 36 ejections in only four years.

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