2020 GAME 55: Twins(+136) at Cubs (-147) – Total 7

Six games remaining.

Yankees losing today puts both teams at 22 losses.

Twins need to finish with 1 less loss in 6 games than Yankees have in 7.

Tiebreakers if Twins and Yankees finish with same record:

If two teams from separate divisions are tied for a Wild Card spot (remember, there were no games outside of a team's East, Central or West region this year), the next tiebreaker goes to the team with the higher winning percentage in its own division

Twins 21-17 vs Central

Yankees 22-13 vs East

So Twins will lose the tiebreaker and must finish ahead of Yankees.


@ Cubs - Berrios vs Darvish - Underdog

vs Detroit - Unknown vs Skubal - Likely favored

vs Detroit - Maeda vs Mize - Likely favored

vs Cincy - Hill vs Bauer - Likely favored

vs Cincy - Pineda vs Castillo - Likely favored

vs Cincy - Berrios vs unknown - Likely favored

Its kind of a big game tonight.

Yankees at Boston today (LOSS) - 4 at Toronto then 3 vs Miami to finish.

53 thoughts on “2020 GAME 55: Twins(+136) at Cubs (-147) – Total 7”

    1. Worried that the ass bats arrive for the rest of the game and Darvish settles in for a 7 or 8 inn 1 run start.

  1. WTF, 4ltr?

    My screen is blacked out. I was recording this effing game and got nothing.

    The preceding game (SF at OAK) was blacked out on the 4LTR, despite being "Sunday Night Baseball".

    No biggie for me because I got it on both NBC Bay Area (SF feed) and NBC NorCal (Oak feed, also does Kings games).

    But fuckityfuck.

    1. I think the SF OAK game ran long and the Twins game started on ESPN 2 before moving over to the mother ship.

      1. ESPN was running some skateboarding thing here during the Giants game. Then went black. I cut them no slack. Somebody effed up royally. It was at least 30 minute, closer to an hour after the Giants game. I know because I was watching the Giants on local cable and checked ESPN after, which was finishing the skateboarding.

  2. ESPN shows graphic on NL Cy Young candidates. Guys with 4 wins are leading candidates

    Can we assign 1/3 value to season awards? I am sure owners would love to devalue any award-based incentive money.

    1. Love the home runs - but in a must win playoff seeding game I'd love to see team get a runner on 3rd with 1 out home one way or another.

      1. Ayyup. Garver weakly waving at a pitch 6 inches outside did not inspire confidence.

        At least Cave hit the ball hard.

  3. We sped the game up with the no pitch walk. Maybe we need the no pitch K? Sano had no intention of doing anything other than making 3 shit swings in that AB.

  4. My god is this ARod talking about the Twins catching the White Sox to avoid the Yankees in the playoffs?

    How stupid do you have to be to work on air for ESPN?

  5. So, Twins pitching gave up a total of 2 runs in 3 games to the mighty Cubbies, on the road yet. Not too shabby.

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