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So gang, when and under what circumstances would you ever see yourself going to a theater again? I never went much to begin with, so I'm definitely not in any rush. I'm also curious how long studios will go with holding all their movies back in this climate. Doesn't seem like things will get much better going into the winter...

What else have you been watching? Who was most robbed of an Emmy?

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    1. The first season is rough, but once it gets going, it's very good. Maybe not Parks and Recreation good, but it has that same sort of optimism and heart on its sleeve mentality. And it is very funny.

      1. I agree with all comments thus far regarding this show. I struggled through the first season or so, but love it now. Great cast.

        1. I got stuck about midway through the 3rd season (I think). I may go back to it but not necessarily compelled to either. It's nice that they are literally 27 minute episodes. Easy to polish off a couple without a huge investment.

    2. I've watched the first season, and have started the second. I found the first season to be simply blah, but I know enough people who love it that I'm still going. The last episode I watched was the best one I've seen so far, so I'm optimistic?

      1. I didn't like the first season but have enjoyed the following seasons. I wouldn't rank it with the greatest sitcoms but it is good.

        1. We’ve started and stopped twice because the first season was just so ... meh. Maybe we’ll give it another shot.

  1. The Trolls movies weren't as bad as I was expecting them to be, but that's mostly because I was expecting them to be very, very bad. The "get back up again" sequence in the first has a fun juxtaposition of joy, menace and naiveté that I found charming.

    Watched Star Wars with Newbish and was delighted that he loved it, and that it held up for me (I hadn't seen it in probably ten years).

  2. I've been watching The Boys and Star Trek: Lower Decks, plus on one of my bro's recommendations The Goes Wrong Show (you may like this, Spoons). Need to get Archer new season going, too.

    Still upset about the plug getting pulled on Venture Bros.

    1. I watched S1E1 of The Boys a week or so ago and was very impressed. Need to carve out some time for that.

      Watched On the Basis of Sex last night. Hagiographic, I suppose, but pretty good. Made me feel sad all over again.

  3. As usual, I haven't been watching a ton of movies/shows, but apparently I'm only ever allowed to watch movies with Samara Weaving in them.

    I mentioned it last month, but I highly recommend Ready or Not. Its a lot of fun.

    I really love the first two, and I wasn't really sure, based on the trailer which wasn't all that good of a trailer, what to expect. But holy crap, Bill and Ted Face the Music is really, really good. The opening wedding scene had me rolling. The Bill and Ted movies are optimistic and hopeful in general, but this one turned that up to 11. So if you're having a bad day, try watching this movie. Its terrific stuff.

    I watched Mayhem last weekend and also love it. Its Horror Comedy with Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving. Lots of executive on executive violence.

    My wife was on a Steven Soderberg kick last week so I re-watched Ocean's Eleven, which holds up really, really well. (Ocean's Twelve not so much.) I'd also never seen Erin Brockovich before and that was also really good.

    Lastly, on Saturday night my daughter had a sleepover and my wife convinced them to watch Beetlejuice. That movie is so much fun. and now my daughter wants to be Beetlejuice for halloween.

    1. O12 SelectShow
    2. We watched the first two Bill and Teds recently, to prep for the 3rd one, which I thought looked enjoyable. Excellent Adventure was a lot of fun. I... did not particularly like Bogus Journey - the whole thing was such a mess. I am still looking forward to the new one.

      1. I prefer Bogus Journey, they went for a higher concept and also William Sadler is a national treasure. (his reprisal in Face the Music is amazing.)
        But! Don't let that dim your enthusiasm for the new one. Its better than both.

        1. Not quite sure if the boy is ready for B&T, but I think I'm going to plow ahead anyway. I'm not sure if I prefer one to the other, but I always did like Bogus Journey.

    3. Soderbergh has suuuch a good filmography. He's a favorite of mine. Now I feel like I should watch Logan Lucky and the Magic Mike duology again... maybe this afternoon while I work.

  4. Wife, the boy, and I just started watching Dark on netflix. It's a German sci-fi show. My wife and son are watching it with the original German language intact, as they both can follow along pretty well. We always have english subtitles on everything, because in any show or movie I can never hear the quieter dialogue without cranking up the volume, which pisses off my wife to no end. Anyway, 2 episodes in, I am intrigued.

    1. Ok... we are 6 episodes in right now and this show is way out there, but in a fun way. Right now there are 3 timelines set in 1953, 1986, and 2019. Lots of the same characters in multiple eras which makes it hard to keep everyone straight in your head. But, I am liking this show.

      1. We were watching it and gave up. We go a couple weeks without watching a show and that didn't really work with that one.

        1. I managed to get credit for recommending it to my sister and her fiancé (now husband), despite my not actually watching it. I just kind of wanted to.
          His family is Swiss (German), so that sealed it for them.

  5. Let's see. My biweekly-movie-watching-with-friend had us watching Zodiac. It was good, but also we didn't really talk about it after it was over. So. Decent?

    Before that we watched To Catch a Thief. We had a lot of fun with that. Not totally to the film's credit, but it was enjoyable.

    The family watched both Percy Jackson movies. They seemed to like them quite a bit. Apparently it will be rebooted as a Disney+ TV show in a couple years? We also watched Troop Zero, which I'll say was worth it. It has the language of a 70s movie, so be prepared.

    The wife and I watched Away We Go. It's a good one, though I also think we had already seen it closer to when it was released, yet we didn't really realize it until 2/3s through the movie. So there's that.

    Oh, we loved Schitt's Creek. And I think we need to start watching The Mandalorian even though I didn't want to watch it until our youngest had watched all the movies.

  6. Anyone watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV? Surprisingly fun, light comedy. Enough soccer stuff to interest the fans, but if you don't know the difference between Man City and Manchester United or how to pronounce Derby, it will still be interesting.

    Saw I'm thinking of Ending It on Netflix. A Charlie Kaufman film in the full sense of the term, times 8. I was done and asked "what was that all about?"

    Finished High Fidelity on Hulu. It was decent. Probably only for fans of the book and I noticed it didn't get renewed for a second season.

    Almost done with first season of Cobra Kai. Good cheesy fun. I really like the premise of seeing where Johnny and Danny are 35 years later (with William Zabka and Ralph Macchio reprising their roles!). Their acting is pretty rough but their characters are believable.

      1. Yeah, this. Though I've wanted to rewatch Synechdote, New York lately, so maybe I'm just already in the mood?

  7. Speaking of! I’m going to buy a cheap projector for back yard movie nights. The weather here is set to go from 7th circle to 2nd circle of hell shortly, and I’d like to take advantage of a socially distanced back yard hang out.

    I recall some discussion of projectors and screens. Thoughts / suggestions?

  8. Our family movie watching has been focused on going through all the Marvel movies (in release order) with the kids. They had already seen everything since Dr. Strange when we started, but they don't really remember anything from before Thor:Ragnarok, and their memory of most of them after that point is pretty spotty (other than Raganarok, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel, which they've seen at least 2-3 times each).

    I haven't watched most of them since they came out, and so far there have been a few that I remembered not loving the first time through, but this time enjoyed them a lot more (Iron Man 2 and 3, Thor 1 and 2).

    We are currently halfway through Age of Ultron. Not surprisingly, Guardians of the Galaxy has been the kids' favorite so far. (It's probably my favorite so far, too; I had kind of forgotten how great that movie is.) This morning I heard our youngest explaining to either his teacher or his instructional aid all about Groot, Rocket, the end of the final battle, and the end credits scenes and he was very animated with his descriptions.

  9. We’ve been enjoying Endeavor quite a bit. Thanks, bootsy.

    We’ve also been watching Task Master as a way to have a chuckle. We both enjoy a British tv show, and this one has some pretty good banter.

      1. We haven’t watched inspector Morse, but that’ll be on the list for sure. I really appreciate how the writers of endeavor trust us to connect the dots without having to beat us over the head. Just a terrific group of characters. And a lot of drinks over lunch. #totes jelly

    1. Now I need to convince you to watch Lovejoy. Ian McShane as a shifty antiques dealer. Smart, charming and funny. And the future Al Swearingen in a mullet that would do any Minnesota HS Hockey Hair enthusiast proud.

  10. We don't watch a lot of new movies at our place, but we did watch Get Duked! on Amazon Prime and really enjoyed it. It's a dark comic thriller with many laugh out loud moments, even if I could only make out every third word or so due to Scottish accents. But that was part of the charm also.

    Is anybody watching Lovecraft Country on HBO? We enjoyed the 1st episode, but since then I don't have a clue WTF is going on.

    Also, Fargo returns this Sunday the 27th!!!

    1. I've heard great things about Lovecraft to the point I've threatened to watch. I'm not really a horror guy (that's kind of what this is, right?), but other aspects of the show sound like it transcends that.

      1. I'm not really a horror guy

        listen, bub. Someday, one of The Boy's movies will actually be in theaters. So you are gonna buy tickets. Because I don't need him moving home.

    1. I work a block off Bourbon street and I see a lot of suspect, poor, and bad decision making on a normal Wednesday. Unfortunately, the 'ronas haven't disproportionately killed off stupid people (yet) so that means I get to be extra careful with everything else I do in my life.

      I miss the movies terribly. Love a matinee more than any other entertainment activity. There is an independently owned theater within walking distance of my house, and I would occasionally (before joining the hated management) call out sick and catch a double feature. This is the long winded way of saying that as much as it pains me, until I can get a shot that keeps me from getting the covids I am going to avoid the theater. (Though, the local joint is building an outdoor theater as we speak.... that could be fun, but I'm also not sure the chuckleheads can be kept masked and at bay)

    2. No for us. We have been pretty much hooked on various Netflix and Hulu content + Twins. Also, with work right now I just don't have spare time other than between 9pm and midnight each night. On a completely different note, I am heading down to the twin cities on Monday for the first time since Covid hit. I am visiting a company that specializes in restaurant furniture. At the joint I am working with my landlords on possibly building a kick butt destination patio. I have the feeling it will be needed next spring and summer and our town could use a really cool patio in town. Right now we have 3 on lakes north of town. One is super expensive, one is serve yourself, and one is a gong show in all aspects.

      Normally, I would maybe see if a mini-caucus could happen that afternoon, but I think I will wait til safer times.

      1. I'll attend a mini caucus on your kick ass patio any time. Just give me 19+ hours notice (and a garden hose to shower with).

        1. Once this craziness ends, we might just have to host a big caucus to share stories and blow off some steam!

        1. Out of the two things I don't plan on doing for a long time, I'd pick theaters over restaurants. At least I can wear a mask the entire time at one.

          1. There are many restaurants around here that I will not go into. There are a few that I feel safe at.

  11. Ever since Nibbish told me he would bring me a handful of ghost peppers and habaneros, I have struggled with what to do with them. I really don't have a history at all with cooking with anything more volcanic than jalapenos. So a couple of days ago I made a batch of roasted ghost pepper garlic oil (using Olive Oil) and roasted habanero garlic oil (using a vegetable oil). The ghost pepper oil is definitely still got some major heat going on, but a little drizzle in a pan really spices up my sauteed veggies. I look forward to making a few salad dressings out of both oils too. I like that this application allows me to enjoy for a longer time and in many different ways.

    1. Didn't mean to make this comment on a movie post. Blame it on an early morning after restless sleep.

  12. I went out to the movie theater a while ago when I learned Tenet was coming out to early release. I'm a sucker for Christopher Nolan movies, and I wanted to see this proper in the theaters. I liked it, but I need to see it again... with subtitles. I thought my trouble understanding the movie was just me being in my forties, but I found out later that it was a common complaint. Lot of good things happening here. Certainly falls in a similar genre/style as Inception, but this is going to take some more views. Overall walked away happy though.

    Also, saw a movie called Extra Ordinary (not sure of the 2 words vs. 1) at the suggestion of my son's friend. A weird Irish movie, but made me laugh quite a bit. Didn't really know what to expect, but there are just some crazy fun moments in this movie. Actors are nearly all unknown (to me) except Will Forte, who plays his role to perfection.

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