2020 Game 57: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins

Casey Mize
Kenta Maeda

The Twins are 5-4 against the Tigers. As much as it would amuse me for them to finish 5-5 against another Central team, winning helps a lot with earning home field advantage for the wildcard round. Let's score a bunch so Rogers can get some work in without risking the win.

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  1. Yankees are playing an awful game. 3 errors that have lead to 2 (maybe 3 ive had game on in background) of Torontos 5 runs. Bases loaded 0 out and a couple of bad at bats to get no runs. Tanaka was pulled in 4th or 5th inn with ~90 pitches thrown.

    Game not over yet of course.

        1. Of course, we've bested Cleveland this season...

          Honestly, the AL playoffs are going to be stocked with good teams, all of which have enough starting pitching for a best of 3 series.

      1. When they were both Rockies in 2013ish, Morneau logged into whatever system the team used for players to reserve tickets for friends/family and forgot to log out. LaTroy somehow stumbled by and proceeded to reserve tickets in Morneau's name for every game for the rest of the season for Shania Twain, Wayne Gretzky, and any other famous Canadian he could think of. Morneau didn't find out until a couple of months later when he learned he owed about $15,000 in tickets that hadn't been used.

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