46 thoughts on “September 23, 2020: Robe Life”

    1. he created a video from which the featured 0.00035 second exposure was extracted.

      I've found this is the best way for me to capture lightning photos - take the video and then process an image from a single frame.

      Amazing picture!

  1. 4th seed magic number is 4

    Yankees are 2:1 favorites at Toronto

    Division magic number is 6

    Sox are +142 underdogs vs Burger

    Twins are almost favored 3:1 +290 with Maeda on the mound.

    1. but the manager did reveal that those pitchers will make their final regular-season tune-ups Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

      Unsurprisingly, that means Maeda will start Game 1 on five days rest.

      1. The Yankees have not yet announced if Cole will be the starter for Sunday's final game vs Miami. They are probably waiting to see if that game will be meaningful for the 4th seed or not to decide.

        So game 1 might be Cole or Tanaka.

            1. I root for maximum chaos in college football but it never materializes.

              It will be a fun weekend and hopefully the Twins are at home vs whomever next Tuesday.

              Oakland can't be lower than 3rd

              Hou locked into 6

              Min or Cle will be 7th.

      1. The Twins do not come out well in any multi-team tiebreakers as White Sox own better division record and I believe Cleveland would have same div record (what is the head to head on Min and Cle?) and Twins lose tiebreakers to Yankees as their division record is better playing in that weak ass AL East. LOL.

        1. Well, if the goal is "best outcome for the Twins", those would be concerns.

          If the goal is "no one knows who they play in the first round until the last possible second", then we can probably mix Oakland into that and we'll have 5 teams that will be the 2,3,4,5,7 seeds in some order, but no one knows what that order would be until the dust settles on game 60. Which is its own kind of fun.

      1. Honestly, it seems Rogers is pitching pretty well- just somehow any ball in play seems about twice as likely as it should be to find a hole in the defense or sneak through the infield. His BABIP is basically a hundred points higher than it 's been every other season - .411. That's pretty ridiculous!
        Other than giving up hits at a higher rate, his strikeouts and walks and homeruns per 9 all look normal for him, which is pretty darn good. In a normal season, I'm guessing this would stabilize and in another 60 games we would barely remember how bad his season has gone to this point.

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