25 thoughts on “September 25, 2020: Fan Appreciation Weekend?”

  1. I think they scheduled specific times to keep it socially distant and by the time i first heard about (last night) all times had already been claimed

  2. Twins playoff scenario into the weekend -

    #1 Seed = Elimination # of 1 - 1 TB win or 1 Twins loss

    #2 Seed - Magic # of 4 - Twins must win division and finish full game ahead of Oakland

    #3 Seed - Magic # of 3* - Twins win out they win the division. Any 3 way tie Twins win the division. Any tie with Cleveland Twins win the division.

    #4 Seed - Magic # of 1 - 1 more Twins win or 1 more Yankees loss

    #5 Seed - Magic # of 1 - 1 more Twins win or 1 more Cleveland loss

    Houston is locked into the 6 seed.

    Toronto isn't technically locked into 8 seed yet - but with 1 Tor loss or 1 more Cle win they will be. EDIT - still 1 magic number for Yankees to lock into 4/5 seed and avoid 7/8 seed.

    Twins are -143 favorites tonight with Berrios
    Sox are 141 underdogs to Cubs and Darvish
    Cle are heavy -240 favorites over Profit Pirates
    Yankees are -186 favorites over Miami

    1. Kind of odd that we could easily end up with 3 intradivision first round series

      1. TB v. 8. TOR
      2. MIN/CHW v. 7. CLE
      3. OAK v. 6. HOU

      The 4 v. 5 matchup can't be intradivision due to being two second place teams matching up.

      The National League could get there too, I guess. It requires PHI and MIA to win some games and jump over STL/CIN.

      1. LA v. 8. SF
      2. ATL v. 7. PHI/MIA
      3. CHC v. 6. STL/CIN

      The lowest division winner getting the lowest 2nd place team seems like it would result in pretty consistent "unbalanced" matchups. I'm assuming most years that the highest wild card would have a better record than the lowest second place team. But ... I guess that's not true in the NL this year, so there goes that theory.

    2. I read last night that the Twins AKSHULLY have the second tie-breaker (record in last 20 games) locked up with the NYY, implying that their Magicks Number is zero.

  3. My youngest child's teacher is amazing, observing the effort she puts into the distance learning days makes me feel like a real slacker for taking the time to check out this site during my work day!

    1. I often bemoan that people talk about teachers having the hardest jobs while never mentioning all the front-line health care workers who also don't get paid much or thanked enough. But not going to bemoan now. Not only is their job insanely hard this year, now PARENTS ARE WATCHING THEM WORK. I can't even.

    1. The best part:

      Walker launches his Discman at Bryant’s head. Not surprisingly, the career 63 percent free throw shooter misses.

    2. I have always found the adulation pumped toward Kobe to be contrived. Even before the rape, but multiplied thereafter. Maybe he grew up towards the end, I dunno.

  4. Took a stab at the rear wheel bearing/hub today. Got the tire off, got the caliper off, got the brake rotor off, could not get the hub off. I had a hard time with the mounting bolts because they're so close to the ABS ring on the axle I couldn't seem to get a socket on them. I put it all back together and eventually found a video of the procedure where the guy was using a deep well socket. Went out, crawled under the car and checked to see if one would fit and damn if it didn't slide onto the bolt head. It's going to be close quarters, but I think I can make it work now. It does mean I'll need to get myself a new torque wrench, but that's a sacrifice I don't mind making. And given the condition of the brakes I'm going to get pads and rotors and do a rear brake job while I'm at it. I can get a kit from NAPA with all the parts for about $160.

        1. Harold Reynolds does still suck though. I don't watch pregames, but man what a crappy viewer experience to have to go from him to Jon Smoltz.

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