Game the Penultimate: Reds @ Twins

We're almost to the end of this nutty season.

I had a lot of skepticism at the onset that this season was wise or even possible to complete. Credit where it's due: they did it. Sixty (or in some cases, very nearly sixty) games in the books. Weird books, they are, too. The Orioles were in contention until a couple of weeks ago. The freaking MARLINS actually made the playoffs.

Some people will undoubtedly dismiss this season as a freak show -- an exhibition that shouldn't have happened, or one that in some way counts for less than a normal, full, 162 game season.

Not me, though.

Old favorite Ervin Santana utilizes his Twitter feed to encourage everyone to #SMELLBASEBALL. To feel it. To let it deep into your bones. In July, I was skeptical, but man... This year, I smelled baseball.

I don't know what happens from here. There's reason for optimism, there's reason for pessimism. For now, we get a chance to dwell on the best sport there is.

Go Twins!

40 thoughts on “Game the Penultimate: Reds @ Twins”

  1. I'd exited before Bux got hurt last night and just assumed it was on defense

    Beaned? In the head? was there retaliation?

  2. Possible outcomes after Sunday's games (assuming I've got tiebreakers figured out):

    MIN as 2 seed

    Min W
    Min L + Chi L + Oak L

    2. Min vs. 7. Cle (Chi W -OR- Cle L)
    2. Min vs. 7. Chi (Chi L + Cle W)

    MIN as 3 seed

    Min L + Chi L + Oak W

    3. Min vs. 6. Hou

    MIN as 4 seed

    Min L + Chi W

    4. Min vs. 5. NY (NY W -OR- Tor L)
    4. Min vs. 5. Tor (NY L + Tor W)

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