31 thoughts on “October 5, 2020: Candy Plan”

  1. How are the parents of the youngs around here planning on dealing with Halloween this year?

    As the parent of two Youngs, I feel obligated to reply. Our little neighborhood corner has been having weekly Friday night pizza parties for the kiddos since July. Each of the families has been quarantining, so we all trust each other enough to allow the kids (about ten in total) to get together and play. I'm guessing we'll do a very mini-version of Trick or Treating just at each family's house.

  2. We will likely opt out of Halloween this year. They never were into the costume part, only the candy, so we can skip to the final step and dump the bag of candy into the bowls.

  3. We will be home-bound for Halloween. We are going to try to do something fun here at home instead. A treasure hunt with a series of clues has been brought up as a possibility, or perhaps plastic Easter eggs filled with candy and hidden around the house. The kids' school is also doing a drive-through trick-or-treat/costume parade thing where they give them a bag of candy at the end of the path, so maybe we'll do that, but not sure yet.

    1. I dont have kids but I was going to suggest Easter Eggs hidden in the back yard as a good Trick or Treat alternative. Some eggs (paints them orange like pumpkins!) can have candy for treats, and Laffy Taffy style jokes written on a piece of paper in others for the tricks.

  4. Having already been through the COVID wringer, I'm not planning any doing anything different for Halloween. Our kids will still go out and trick-or-treat. I'll just tell them to be respectful, and wear a mask, and follow any instructions of the houses they go to (in case they don't want people too close, etc). We'll still hand out candy like regular. Probably wear masks at the door.

      1. I don't know that we've decided for sure what we are doing for handing out candy. I'm guessing we won't do any at all, considering we usually don't get that many visitors even when there isn't a pandemic.

        If we were on a more popular trick-or-treating route, I'd strongly consider a candy catapult. That sounds fun.

  5. We have costumes, but no concrete idea beyond that. Recent COVID scare for the four of us has me thinking twice about anything not at home.

    I did not care for that swabbing ... at all.

      1. It was 10 seconds per nostril (allegedly) and felt like back-of-my-eye-sockets deep ... is that quick? Wife and Niblet didn’t think theirs were horrible, Kernel and I had a different take.

          1. I've been tested 5 times now. 3 have been of the quick variety where the swab goes into your nose a bit and swishes around. The other two times I'm sure I scraped some of my brains out. Just thinking about those two tests makes me want to hurl a bit.

        1. The one they are doing down here goes about half an inch inside the nostril and is a quick swirl around it. Its not uncomfortable at all, which is good because my kids would not have appreciated having them swab the inside of their lungs.

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