13 thoughts on “LDS Day 2 discussion post”

  1. I am a fan of zero off days between games. It's going to make the postseason resemble the regular season a lot more with no off days for the relievers.

    1. I agree. I hope next year* they do that part of the scheduling. I also liked that the Round of 3 WC series was all home games for the top seed.

      *you know if covid is not disrupting things

    2. Yeah, and with being able to carry, what, 28 players next year they should have plenty of players available.

  2. Everyone in the playoffs hitting home runs like its no bid deal, except Minnesota and Cincy

  3. Acuna should have bat flipped harder than he did after hitting the HR after getting hit by the pitch

  4. Has anything been made of the 8 eliminated teams last round including three AL Central teams and FOUR NL Central teams?
    Nothing to do, I suppose, but offer a fair bit of midwestern chagrined grumbling at those long odds. Harumph.

    1. Yes. With no interdivisional play, there was nothing to properly rank each division. I suspect the Central divisions were slightly more balanced and allowed the middling teams to sneak into the postseason.

    1. That's about the only rule change this year that I'm totally in favor of. In my opinion, it was long overdue.

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