27 thoughts on “October 18, 2020: It’s Sunday!”

              1. I get you on the chop. Some of the fans were doing it on screen this week, and totally support Kershaw winning it all. I just really, really dislike the yankees west.

                1. I'll grant that, from a strictly player standpoint, Atlanta is a lot of fun. I don't have as visceral a reaction to LA as I do New York, though. I'm not sure why, though, to be honest.

    1. At the sports memorabilia shop where I work, we have a ton of old letters to and from Sid Hartman, to only be made public at the time of his death.

      Among them are letters from the black community in the Cities thanking him for being an ally and for all he had done for them, speaking at churches and speaking out in favor of equality. This was many decades ago. There were also letters from white supremacist groups and even prominent white community figures threatening him if he didn’t stop his dealings with the black community.

      A weird guy, to be sure, and also a damned hero.

      1. He grew up in North Mpls, not far off of now Olson Mem Hwy, back when it was a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Even as it changed in its racial make up, he never forgot the old hood.

    1. I thought of this one today. Thanks for sharing!
      I think I under-appreciated both Prince and Sid relative to their accomplishments before I was paying attention.

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