21 thoughts on “October 19, 2020: Sid”

  1. I think I'd be OK with either team winning.

    I mentioned rooting for Kershaw before in a previous CoC. And for some reason I always think it's neat when a team wins it's first title. So cool for their fans.

      1. I also love both teams and will be fine with either, but will be pulling for the Dodgers. I want Kershaw to get his ring and will get some satisfaction with Betts getting another and sticking it to the Red Sox.

      1. That was also true for me, though now I think it’s cool that the two top seeds emerged from this bloated, asinine tournament. On the other hand, it could be used as “proof” that the cream rises to the top, so we might as well cut the BS and put every team in the playoffs.

      2. This postseason has actually been excellent so far. I'm not at all in favor of the expanded playoffs every year (the idea of a sub .500 team in the playoffs is all kinds of obnoxious), but this year, it's really worked.

    1. Im fine with either team winning. The Twins have won a World Series since the last time the Dodgers have and Tampa has zero rings.
      Im hoping for good games and a series that goes to 7 games

  2. I've been having a hard time getting interested in the playoffs this year, probably due to the short season and the expanded field. I think I watched parts of three games here and there since the Twins got eliminated. I'll watch the World Series because obligatory, but I don't really care much who wins. I'm just happy it's not the Astros.

  3. Parts arrived on Friday so last night I pulled the old Charbroil into the garage and did an overhaul on it. First I removed the old burners and gas channels and vaporizer bars and then I cleaned out the interior real good with a scraper, vacuum, and wire brush. Once it was clean I installed the new parts and gave it a test drive. Now I just have to clean the exterior and it's basically a new grill again, although I'll probably order new grates since the originals are getting pretty crusty and rusty.

    1. Did you get the parts from the manufacturer, or find them elsewhere? I'm curious how universal those burner parts might be.

      I'm nearing the point of doing a very similar overhaul with my grill right now. One burner is putting out much less of a flame than it should, to the point that I've basically stopped using that side of the grill, except for indirect cooking. I haven't replaced those before, since for my previous grill, the barrel started rusting through at the same time that the burners died, so I was better off just getting a whole new one.

                1. At least.

                  The cheeseburger with pulled pork on top the night before might have edged it for best sandwich of the week/month/year, however.

                  That thing was the Bomb. Wish I had a pic. I did a Snapchat of it to the Boy, but didn't preserve one for posterity.

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