October 22, 2020: Want Ad

A friend put out a request on FB to buy an old, dusty guitar from someone. Truthfully, I have a number of old, dusty guitars, but there was one I received for free that especially fit the bill (it's not great, but it's not bad). Happy to just hand it over to someone that might actually use it. And Jane is also happy that there will be one less guitar in the laundry room.

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  1. Mrs. Runner and I have been watching The Right Stuff series on Disney+, and one of the characters to pop up was the Life Magazine writer who wrote the exclusive stories about the astronauts -- Loudon Wainwright (Jr). Besides trying to figure out where I'd seen/heard the actor before (I'm guessing Hail, Caesar!), the name was very familiar. Turns out he's the father of singer/songwriter Loudon Wainwright III ("Dead Skunk" among others) and the grandfather of other singer/songwriters including Rufus Wainwright.

  2. We started Aquinas on the guitar a little more than a month ago, as a birthday gift. He's using Philosofette's old one, which she never really learned to play.

    He's actually taking his lessons on zoom, with a music school in the cities. I went to high school with the owners, and I never would have thought to sign him up there if not for this pandemic thingy. Admittedly, it's kind of a strange upside, but I don't know that there's many (any?) local options that would actually result in him learning to play.

    1. What is the music school?

      We bought my son a bass guitar in May. He generally just teaches himself using YouTube but would probably enjoy lessons.

    2. When I was growing up, there was always a little red guitar at my grandparents' house. They couldn't play it, I'm sure it was a yard sale find. It was just there for us kids.

      Somehow over the years, I've ended up with it. I was working on learning how to actually play it back in the spring when things first got all pandemicy.

      Then I haven't picked it back up since probably May.

      I was doing alright making a few basic chords, but I can't switch between them without an appreciable pause to think where the hell my fingers are supposed to go, and then making them bend that way.

      1. I'm sure it is still way better than I can do, with my fat clunky non-dexterous fingers.

        And now I'll play "Ode to Dissonance!"

        1. Mine are just long non-dexterous fingers. Sometimes I can't cram them all into the space provided. Sometimes, they bend at weird angles which I blame on rugby

    3. One of my dreams for when I retire is to learn to play the guitar. I have one (it belonged to my uncle, who played in various bands for most of his life), but I don't have time to learn to play it right now.

  3. Very cool. And because of the pandemic thing, it is also probably no longer a stretch for him to put on a remote concert for grandparents and such.

    1. One of my nephews is organizing a talent show type of thing and he's planning to do exactly that in a few weeks.

  4. Ugh, I have COVID! So far minor symptoms, fever I can't shake, dry cough, body aches and headaches. No respiratory issues yet, Been symptomatic for 8 days now. Positive test results came back last night.

    Not sure where I got it, although I was at Minneapa State Park the Saturday before symptoms started and it was a very nice day and packed. I wore mask but a lot of people weren't.

    1. Dangit. Hang tough, free.
      I have continued to tell myself that the outdoors are safe...but have obviously seen some evidence to the contrary. How closely can a State Park be packed?
      We were at Willow River State Park (NE of Hudson) last weekend. Plenty of folks around there, too, on trails and whatnot.

      1. There’s a popular waterfall that was packed with maskless people. I was wearing a mask. Pure speculation on my part, but only place I’ve been with maskless people in last few weeks.

    2. Damn. Get well soon, Dean.

      Used to ride our bikes out to Minneopa a couple times a year when I was growing up. Beautiful little park.

    3. Yikes! Our crew was at that same waterfall around many maskless people in June, but thankfully escaped uninfected. Here's hoping to a quick recovery.

  5. On day 962 of the pandemic, I am finally forced into a situation where I'm working from home with a child in tow.

    I'm not totally sure he understands this heady concept of "playing by himself".

      1. He's fairly bored at this point. He's been reading out loud from his Lego science experiment book for about a half an hour. I think it's a ploy to get screen time, but it's backfiring, because it's too comical for me to want him to stop.

    1. I'm thinking about running Cat6 to work PC and downstairs TV, but my retired Graybar friend is trying to tell me 802.11ax is the way to go. Problem is, unless AT&T offers newer gateways, I don't think that's an answer.

  6. Over 12 inches of snow piled up in Nibbishland, which is located in Zooomx County. 6+ on Tuesday and 6 to 8 so far today. Only in 2020

          1. I will remember this next summer when I can post "81 comfortable degrees here" while you swelter in the heat.

    1. It's very pretty from the vantage point of my living room couch, at least. The bird watching has also been top notch -- lots of juncos, woodpeckers, and blue jays.

      Not sure I'll feel the same in a couple of hours when I have to clear off the driveway, but....

  7. While we're passing prayers and good vibes around, my 92 year old grandfather is in the hospital again with seizure activity and neurology issues causing stroke-like symptoms.
    There have been a couple hospital trips in recent weeks. Doctors say he's not *dying* from this, exactly, but is in really rough shape...and 92. He lives with my Uncle and I haven't seen him since Memorial Day, at a distance. Uncle has maintained a mega-lockdown to try and protect him, and it's obvious he's suffering, too. Very little contact allowed with the other (8) brothers and sisters who are regularly bringing meals to support them. Grandpa, actually, with his dementia, has been pretty unawares of his circumstances the last 7 months and regularly reports to be happy.
    We've not had to sacrifice much, relatively speaking, in this thing. But the thought of losing him and not being able to properly say goodbyes and honor what he gave to family and community has the family universally frustrated and worried.

    1. Blair, who had been suffering from dementia, died Thursday after an extended period in hospice care, according to the Star Tribune.

      "He'd been suffering for a while, so I guess maybe it's a blessing in disguise," former teammate Scott Studwell told the newspaper. "But it's still too young. It's a sad day."

      In a 2015 interview with the Star Tribune, then-64-year-old Blair began crying, saying a neurologist told him and his wife, Mary Beth, that his early signs of dementia were likely the result of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, a degenerative brain disease linked to concussions. CTE cannot be diagnosed until after death.

      from the 4ltr story.

  8. Just had the Eagles-Giants game on (Fox was on because of the World Series last night so don't judge me!) and the bumper music leading into a commercial break was the same instrumental that Kerri Miller uses for her show. That was absolutely the last thing I expected to hear.

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