19 thoughts on “October 25, 2020: Whaaaaa?”

  1. The one disadvantage of really liking both teams is that a nutty ending like that isnt satisfying. If the losing team were the Astros or Yankees that would be incredible. I just feel bad for Kershaw and Mookie who watched their teammates collapse.

    1. I was thinking pretty much the same thing. Obviously if I was a Rays fan I'd take it and be thrilled. As just a baseball fan, though, I'd much prefer a game to end on a big hit or a great play than to have it end on errors.

      1. I guess I'll take the minority position and say it was a whacky ending to a fun game. Plus, I want this to go at least six games so I was pleased with the Rays winning.

      1. I didn't realize it until that ending, but I'm apparently rooting for Dodgers schadenfreude.

  2. Tech question:

    I set up the Linksys mesh system (thanks!), but my computer is slower than other devices. It was downloading at 42 mbps while my son's cellphone is showing 114 mbps. I plugged the computer ethernet cord into the node and now the computer is at 103.

    It's not a big deal as 103 is still an improvement. I'm just wondering why my computer's wifi is so slow and why the ethernet isn't even faster.

    1. I know it's device dependant. I just tested my phone and it got 280 whereas my laptop gets around 450.

      1. Right -- it depends on what kind of adapter the laptop/PC has and whether it supports faster speeds. When we got fiber I upgraded my PC's network adapter in order to improve speed (which it did).

  3. I settled on Thai red curry for tonight. Shrimp, sweet potato, peppers, onion, carrot.

    I would use pineapple too but the Mrs is mildly allergic.

    It's only 3:30 but I am getting hungry.

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