21 thoughts on “October 26, 2020: Good Games”

    1. the sweet potato is, presumably, the challenging textural part.

      I'm a big fan of a curried chicken salad my wife makes occasionally. It features chopped celery and/or apple, as well as cashews and grapes, or sometimes dried cherries or dried, sweetened cranberries or raisins. The dried fruit plumps a bit overnight, softening pleasantly.

      1. I had an Arepa from the Hola Arepa food truck years ago that had pulled pork and sweet potato. The combination was very good, but I would concede there's probably not a lot of interesting texture there.

          1. That is what this was. I use the convection toaster oven to make cubed crispy outside 'taters and then add them to the curry at the last minute. I reduced the liquid to a place that the whole mess looked enough like sandwich filling that I decided it was worth a try.

            Today's left over effort will be a significant upgrade.

  1. My last remaining grandparent just died from COVID. She was 94, has had Alzheimer's for several years and didn't recognize her own kids, and wasn't a loving grandparent. Even her children barely care that she's gone. Still, two facts remain. This pandemic sucks and my mortality is creeping closer.

    1. Sad news, Beau, sorry to hear that. I wouldn't consider your mortality quite yet though; I haven't had living grandparents for almost forty years, and this planet's going to be stuck with me for a long time still*

      *touch wood, scratch a stay, turn three times, "May the Lord and saints preserve us"

      1. eh, it's more like weird to absent feelings. I lose clients all the time in my line of work that hit me harder. I hadn't seen her in 17 years and my other grandma was amazing (but of course died a lot younger)

        1. I know what you mean. The first grandparent that I lost was the grandpa I'd seen maybe twice in 20 years.

          I felt bad I wasn't more upset, but like my life was not at all different before or after his death, so /ascii shrug.

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