2020 World Series Game 6

Game 6 and the Dodgers are on the doorstep.

Gonslin on the mound for the Dodgers and he's been fairly pedestrian during the playoffs so I think he may have a short leash, especially with Buehler slated for tomorrow they can probably dig deep into the bullpen if need be. Snell pitching for the Rays.

Been an entertaining series thus far so here's hoping for at least one more good game. First pitch at 7:08p. Apparently the roof will be closed. Not sure if they is an advantage for one team or not.

24 thoughts on “2020 World Series Game 6”

    1. Hitting ten home runs in a month is impressive at any time. To do it in all post-season games is pretty amazing.

  1. first thing at the postgame from the FOX desk.... Justin Turner was removed from the game because of a positive covid test.


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