36 thoughts on “October 29, 2020: Now What?”

    1. Newbish showed quite a bit of interest when I told him about the KBO. Since ESPN is going to actually carry all of the KBO playoffs, I'm going to record them and see if he's into baseball when he doesn't have baseball cards for any of them.

        1. I didn't keep up on a lot of it once the Twins season started, but the Heroes seem to have done well enough to pull down a 4 seed (they were as high as second at one point, if I remember), so I'll get to pick back up with them right away.

          Though ByungHo Park might prefer if I didn't. Man, he's had rough years when I've watched his teams.

    1. There was.

      Actually, from a baseball perspective, there was a lot of very good baseball. I think that this season was better than it had any right to be (there's still a pretty compelling argument that none of it should've happened, and that argument is definitely strengthened by the nonsense with Turner in Game 6). I don't want all the changes to remain, and I don't give much credit to MLB itself, but I really enjoyed it this year.

    1. I do remember, back when he won it, that he was considered very young to win a World Series. That being said, he always seemed to look a bit older than he actually was.

      1. Unsurprisingly, the Chicago White Sox agree with you.

  1. Man, wild night at the slaughterhouse. The storm was very intense and brought down several large branches that narrowly missed both our car and house (for the most part). No visible damage. When the eye passed over everything stopped. Not even a slight breeze. We saw clear blue skies for 15 minutes. Birds were flying around like nothing was happening. As the eye closed the winds completely shifted direction and the drama started all over again. Watching the various transformers explode in the distance is something I won’t soon forget. Power is still out but temperatures dropped 20 degrees. This is mixed nuts, for sure.

  2. Truck Time Update:
    After half an hour of struggles and nearly giving myself another hernia I gave up on the strap wrench for getting a camshaft pulley off and ponied up 25 bucks for a pulley holding wrench on Amazon. It got here yesterday and I had the camshaft pulley off in about half a minute. Very slick tool, it'll come in handy when I do reassembly, too. Once that pulley was off I was able to pull the heads out and give them a look. The first thing I noticed was that the gasket on the right cylinder head was a Fel-Pro aftermarket, meaning that head gasket had already been replace once. The other, the one that failed the compression test, was an original factory head gasket. I inspected both heads since they can sometimes crack between a valve port and the spark plug seat, but everything looked solid, However, it's pretty clear that whoever replaced the right head gasket last time didn't bother rebuilding the head and may not have had the surface planed either. Most likely the used car lot where Younger Daughter got it. So maybe the blown gasket was a blessing in disguise since it gives me a chance to put it all back together and rebuild both heads, which are now at the machine shop. While I wait on them, I'm cleaning up parts and the engine compartment and getting things all ready for reassembly. It usually goes back together faster than it comes apart. When I'm all done this thing will be good for another 100K miles.

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