34 thoughts on “October 30, 2020: All Hallow’s Eve Eve”

  1. So a COVID Update.

    I haven't had a fever since last Saturday morning so I am considered free of the virus and no longer have to quarantine. The fogginess, body aches and headaches gone too. However I have a nasty dry cough and fatigue. Afternoon naps are real nice or I just crash in the evening. According to the doctors, the cough and fatigue could linger for weeks and no big concern unless they worsen.

    I was lucky in that I had "mild" symptoms. At no point did I have difficulty breathing. I definitely was in a fog for a few days and there are a couple of days early on that I barely remember existing through. I completely missed the snow and cold, nasty weather for instance. Even last Sunday, when I was feeling ok my day consisted of reading and sleeping.

    So at thus point I have no idea what long-term impacts I may have. I think my lungs made it ok so hopefully there will be no noticeable impacts. Still I would not wish this on anyone, even the mild symptoms. Wear a mask, avoid crowds, wash your hands. It's literally that simple.

      1. I'm not positive but four days before I had symptoms I was at Minneapa State Park. It was a gorgeous day and it was packed, especially by the big waterfall. I was wearing a mask on and off but 90% of the people were not. That's my guess.

        Also a new study came out that people with mild to moderate symptoms are developing pretty robust antibodies. So that is good.

    1. Glad to hear you are feeling better Free! Your symptoms sound exactly like what one of my managers experienced in August. He had lingering fatigue for a few weeks after he recovered. I truly hope and pray that you feel no longer term affects of this virus. You have obviously been on a long journey of improved health with your hiking and biking and I am sure that has helped you in this battle. I gotta be honest and say that your journey has been a strong part of my motivation to get in better shape and the threat of COVID has accelerated my efforts to do so.

      It is a struggle up here in our area to get people to take this seriously. My joint is following all the guidelines ++. Unfortunately, many of the other joints in our area are not, and that is just sad. Almost daily I talk to guests who tell me they will only dine at our place because others are not taking this seriously. Even with our enhanced sanitation, social distancing, mask policy, and beefed up HVAC filtration I am very nervous. Lots of people around here seem to think this pandemic will magically disappear after the election. Ummm... no it won't. As much as I would love to see the end of this, sooner than later, it is going to take diligence by everyone for a looooong time to mitigate our losses.

      1. That's what scares me when I see MN, ND, SD showing as hot spots -- population is spread enough that it isn't being found in small towns, yet when it does hit there, it can hit with a vengeance due to everyone with their guards down.

      2. I really worry about my parents, they love going out to eat and drink at restaurants and have only barely slowed down how often they go.

        From what I can tell from talking to them and other family members in Indy, people are mostly trying to go about life as if it is normal and well...that's why we're setting records.

        I appreciate everything you are doing to make it as safe as possible for everyone.

      3. And.... my chef (my most important employee, who absolutely rocks!) just had her husband test positive and she is going into quarantine. Back to double duty for a few weeks. Ughh!

              1. That's also a standing offer from me. I was actually thinking today, you know, I'd love to be closer and just grab a serving /bartending/hosting/whatever shift as needed (I'm no good in the back of the house though).

              2. Well, if we are able to arrange a caucus, I will put you in the kitchen and hungry joe out front.

                Seriously, I am fortunate with my staff. We got absolutely destroyed last night over dinner with our 50% capacity filled, on a wait from 530-830 and I had at least 10 togo orders hanging on the rail through most of it. My kitchen staff crushed it and had great attitudes throughout it. As crazy as it sounds, these butt-whoopin' shifts are so much fun when you successfully navigate through them. That being said my Redemption Rye on the rocks when I got home was soooo good!

    2. Glad to hear you’re doing better, man. Was starting to get a little worried by your radio silence the past few days.

      Also, when your biography is being written, the name of the park is MinneOpa.

      Your pedantic friend, E 😀

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