21 thoughts on “October 31, 2020: Blue Halloween”

  1. Twins claim Ian Gibaut and Brandon Waddell off waivers. I don't see a lot to recommend either one of them. Gibaut looks like he could be something if they can teach him how to throw strikes, but that could be said about lots and lots of pitchers. It's certainly possible, though, that the Twins know something about them that I don't, and the only real cost is if acquiring these guys keeps them from acquiring someone better.

    1. Saw someone on social media ask for everyone's favorite Sean Connery film.

      For me it is Highlander. I watched it again a few years back, and it definitely did not stand the test of time, but I loved it back in the day. A close second would be The Hunt for Red October solely because I was a Tom Clancy junkie in high school and college.

      1. HFRO for me. There’s a funny story going around where Connery showed up on set with a ponytail wig and insisted that be his hairpiece. It’s Connery so of course they film. After a day or two even Connery admitted it looked ridiculous as the whole crew was laughing and they had to do reshoots.

  2. Back in New Britain Stadium this morning. Previous two times I was there:
    1) New Britain RockCats Latino Day. They had vendors with lechon and tostones (Puerto Rican fried plantains) - yummo.
    2) Bob Dylan and His Band (in the pouring rain). Other than music, the number of things Dylan said to the audience = 0.

    Now they are home for the New Britain Bees, part of the wood-bat Futures Collegiate Baseball League.

    This morning, my charity (Miracle League of CT) and another (Best Buddies) had a HalloWheels trick-or-treat where our special kids dressed up in costumes, and many of them tricked out their cars, drove thru a loop in the stadium parking lot where the families stayed in their cars, and got bags of candy from dozens of organizations/vendors. It was 27F when we opened. I'm guessing we had ~400 kids come thru.

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