6 thoughts on “03. The Wuuuuuhhhh-GOMP!”

  1. Okay, if I did this right, you should be able to download this one on all the major podcast apps (minus Spotify). The older episodes should be up there too. Just search for "WGOM" wherever fine podcasts are downloaded.

  2. I've already sent some of you emails, but I'd really love for there to be more guest features on the show, similar to Pepper's book recommendation in the first episode. Technology being what it is, we're all walking around with pretty decent microphones in our pockets. A feature could be recorded at your leisure, sent via email, and then inserted into the program. Similar to the site, it'd be fun to highlight everyone's hobbies and extracurricular activities. Topics can be anything. Cooking, book/music/movie reccos, exercise, baseball history, baseball cards, EPL updates, etc.

    If anyone is interested or has any questions, my email is my name (no spaces) [at] this site's URL.

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