29 thoughts on “November 2, 2020: Election Day Eve”

    1. Going through BR's 1961 Twins page, there were 42 players that appeared for the Twins in any capacity that year.

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    1. Yikes.

      I am praying -- and I'm not a praying man -- that this country can manage to get its sh!t together and do some serious backtracking away from the authoritarian kleptocracy trail that we've been on recently. Because that way leads to crossbow murders in the sauna.

  2. Looks like Nick Nelson has written a book about video games. That should hit some Venn diagrams around here.

            1. Yes, love these taters! However, I did see a recipe recently where you toss the potatoes in egg whites before seasoning and they result in a crisper potato on the outside. I will be trying that method soon.

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