FMD: Theme Weeks

So I kind of stumbled into my guest DJ week without a theme. And sometimes I feel like I've been running thin on FMD topics. So this is probably moving a bit too meta, but... this week's FMD topic for discussion is "what themes would be good for weeks of music, or FMD discussions?"!

11 thoughts on “FMD: Theme Weeks”

  1. To answer your question, how about rediscovered old songs? That's probably my favorite thing about Spotify. Finding songs from 20-60 years ago that I missed the first time.

  2. 70s Outlaw, 80s and 90s pop, and modern country songs could all use a week. I'm not the biggest country music fan but the genre is underrepresented here.
    90s ska could be a thing
    could do like a Famous Bands From One State week
    Songs from a bands debut album week

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