The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Podcast: 04. One Two Three…

We did the thing again. This was recorded on Monday night. Topics include:

  • Is a chili bread bowl a sandwich (featuring hungry joe misusing the word "posit")?
  • A rundown of this years Hall of Fame ballot.
  • A random movie review to fill a little time (SPOILERS)
  • A look at the Twins 40-man roster before the deadline to protect players from the Rule 5 draft (not featuring the part of our discussion where we fumbled around trying to figure out the lower rounds of the Rule 5 draft).
  • The St. Paul Saint Wings.
  • The gang highlights recent videos.

Here is the Seth Stohs article we discussed.


This [time period]'s featured videos:
(feel free to add some stars)

The War on Drugs - Under the Pressure

Harakiri for the Sky - Heroin Waltz / Funeral Dreams

The Rance Allen Group - Lying On The Truth


16 thoughts on “The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Podcast: 04. One Two Three…”

  1. In the hours of practice for this podcast, you guys didn't rehearse the 1-2-3 clap? I love the 'Dammit you guys!"

    Andruw Jones, Bane o' th' Twins.

  2. I'll admit I thought at first that the Harakiri From The Sky guy in the preview image wasn't wearing a shirt, just that he had a bunch of weird tattoos.

  3. Awesome podcast. Have you considered advertising spots?

    Some ideas: Mark's Towing in Eagan. Olive Garden. Maid Rite. ZoomX's gig. Pearson's Candy's on W. 7th (Think Salted Nut Roll), Arecibo Observatory. OK, scratch that last one.

    1. I just listened to this one. I’ll send an actual dollar bill to anyone on this site who makes a bread bowl, stuffs it with chili, and eats it like a sandwich. An actual dollar.

  4. I am imagining an NBA edition of the pod in which I play the Charles Barkley "Who He Play For?" role.

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