9 thoughts on “November 22, 2020: Over”

  1. The food hoarding has begun in my town. Last night, I went to Dollar General to pick up a few things (my main shop is the local grocery but DG has a few things the grocery doesnt carry) and walked down the canned food aisle and there was no Spaghettios, no canned tuna, and only a handful of cans of Chef Boyardee. Forget about getting any toilet paper or paper towels.


    1. This seems so odd to me. I saw similar reports on the news feeds yesterday. I stopped by my local grocery this morning and talked to the owner. He said they are seeing a bit of that up here. Luckily, this store has a secondary storage warehouse a mile a way in which they stock extra pallets of popular (non perishable) items. So he is not worried about running out of anything. Personally, I am much less worried about shortages this time around vs March shutdown.

      1. Dr. Chop told me there was a panic run on all the things Costco ran out of in March on Friday. Induced a bit of vomit in my mouth. Good news is that that panic buying hasn’t hit the regular grocery store yet.

      2. The only thing I can thing of is that so many people are in quarantine right now (late last week, the county health department said there is so much covid right now they cant contract trace! ack!) they need a 10 day or 14 day supply of things

        1. Yeah, our area is only doing contract tracing when a facility or location has a major outbreak (7 or more cases). When we had 3 cases a few weeks back, I had to do all the contract tracing on my own and do my own math of when they would be available to work again. We asked employees to have the health care provider provide a return to work date, but they were may more aggressive than I was comfortable with, so I ended up going with my own calculations (+ 2days to be safe). The really unfortunate thing is I know other businesses were doing no contract tracing at all and were just making dumb dumb dumb decisions.

  2. Sat down to watch the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game last night expecting a well contested battle. Then OU scored three unanswered touchdowns on their first three possessions.

  3. Stopped by Bed-Bath-Beyond to get some beyond earlier today (furniture pads). NBBW said the place was having a going-out-of-business sale, and was practically empty. There is only one business left in that plaza now - Pure Hockey.

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