26 thoughts on “December 4, 2020: Gonna Be The One That Saves Me”

  1. Last night might have been the most fun I've had watching a game with my boys. United are the only Minnesota team that interests both and DSC's early save got them fired up for the goal onslaught coming later in the half.

    1. I'm simultaneously excited because this management seems to have a plan, and hopeless because I don't see how this roster finishes any higher then 8 or 9 in the West.

        1. Lakers
          Houston <-- assuming Harden stays, Phoenix, Portland. All of these teams are clearly better than the Wolves, I think. That's a really rough conference. Maybe even historic.

            1. The additional two play-in spots make me feel like they can at least qualify for the play-in games. But I'll be happy with them playing hard, improving on defense, and ending up somewhere around .500.

  2. Rosenthal wrote an article in The Athletic covering the uncertainty of the arbitration process his year. The Twins are called out early in the article as a positive example.

    “(Arbitration is) unchartered territory to some degree,” Twins president of baseball operations Derek Falvey told reporters on Wednesday night. “We wanted to try to be creative beforehand. And when we brought that to a number of agents, they agreed. They feel no different than we do about the uniqueness of this year, so we decided this was the best course of action.”

    Agents, in fact, loved the Twins’ approach.

    “It was the most professional, amicable and refreshing negotiation I have ever done in sports,” said Mark Rodgers of Frontline Athlete Management, who negotiated reliever Taylor Rogers’ one-year, $6 million guaranteed contract with Twins general manager Thad Levine.
    An agent for another of the signed Minnesota players, speaking on condition of anonymity to avoid the appearance of favoring one club, said, “The Twins deserve a lot of credit for thinking outside of the box.” And Nick Chanock of the Wasserman Media Group, who negotiated a $6.1 million guaranteed deal for Berríos, told The Athletic’s Dan Hayes, “This was an example of the Twins treating their ace pitcher correctly, respectfully and fairly.”

    Rosario is also mentioned later. It seems putting him on outright waivers first to allow other teams to pick him up and tender him a contract is something agents prefer.

  3. From Bloomberg:
    Mortgage Industry Roars to Best Year Ever, Courtesy of the Fed

    Nobody knows that better tha the industry’s first billion-dollar salesman.

    It blows me away that in these modern times they wouldn't have software to catch typos like these.

  4. After replacing the bedroom TV that the cat killed, I had a spare Chromecast laying around. Then my wife got a home office setup delivered from work, so we had a spare monitor (with built in speakers). So I hooked up the monitor to the Chromecast and now we have a little TV in the fireplace room, I just cast from my phone and use it as the remote.

      1. I waited a long time for real TV/computer convergence, but I like the result. While setting it up I found out that the Roku on our big TV is also a Chromecast receiver, it shows up in my device list when I cast video.

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