18 thoughts on “FMD 12.04.2020: Best Of 2020 Sign-Up”

  1. Literally came over to see if we were signing up for this. I'm in, boss.

    And I have no freaking clue how long it's been since I dropped a list, so I'll do one from my 2020 playlist:

    01. Soul Glo - "Mathed Up" from Songs to Yeet at the Sun
    02. Preservation ft. billy woods - "Lemon Rinds" from Eastern Medicine, Western Illness
    03. Sneaks - "You've Got a Lot of Issues" from Happy Birthday
    04. Boldy James - "Brick Van Exel" from The Versace Tape
    05. Adulkt Life - "Room Context" from Book of Curses
    06. Ka - "Unto the Dust" from Descendants of Cain
    07. Shopping - "Body Clock" from All or Nothing
    08. Oceanator - "I Would Find You" from Things I Never Said
    09. Curren$y & Harry Fraud ft. Jim Jones - "In the Coupe" from The Out Runners*
    10. Knot - "Justice" from Knot

    BT. Lars Finberg - "My Prison" from Tinnitus Tonight*

    * Curren$y has had an underrated career, and is on a pretty damn incredible run the last couple of years. He's been working his lane for a decade: weed, women, and whips. And honestly, it's shocking how much of that content he can put out without being boring. He's got a great ear for production, and his music is just so chill. He put out this and two other projects with Harry Fraud and all three are essential listens, imo. And after my 11:30 call, I can't wait to listen to the new project he dropped today with his current label mates.

    ** I listened to this album last Friday, and this song came on and I played it three times in a row. I have loved all of the music Lars has been involved with that I've heard since I saw A Frames in 2003. One of my all time favorites, and I can't wait to see him live again whenever the hell that is.

  2. 01. "Demon Stuck In Your Eye" – Le ButcherettesCry Is For The Flies
    02. "Daisy Glaze" – Big StarRadio City
    03. "Swin Until You Can't See Land" – Frightened RabbitThe Winter Of Mixed Drinks
    04. "Georgia" – Brittany HowardJaime
    05. "Medicine For A Nightmare" – Sun Ra & His ArkestraEasy Listening For Intergalactic Travel
    06. "I Don't Smoke" – MitskiBury Me At Make Out Creek
    07. "White Light Doorway" – FloristThe Birds Outside Sang
    08. "Did I Hear You Say You Love Me?" – Stevie WonderHotter Than July
    09. "Hell Yeah" – Ani DiFrancoOut Of Range
    10. "Empty Spaces/What Shall We Do Now?" – Pink FloydThe Wall

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