27 thoughts on “December 19, 2020: Semis”

      1. The promising receiver corps I had mid-season fell to pieces, so I feel like I’m trying to land this ship held together by duct tape. But I’m not alone in that this year, and hey, it could happen.

  1. Today I would have more than likely been playing with the St. Louis Low Brass Collective's holiday play-along, and tomorrow the Hallelujah Chorus...well, hopefully next year.

  2. Talked with a superintendent of one of the Mankato golf courses yesterday, he was saying that they are opening the course and Monday there were only 4 tee times left. Blew my mind away...golfing in Minnesota on the week of Christmas.

    1. I'd be surprised if the Twins made a major move like that, although I've been surprised before. I hadn't heard that they'd released Romero. He still might develop, but he might not, too, and I can see why the Twins didn't want to give him any more time to find out.

          1. But a league source and a club source confirmed that Romero was turned back at customs in Miami earlier this year after he was found in possession of marijuana en route to spring training.

    1. We ran a 4M race from Charlottenburg to Olympiastadion the day before my wife did the Berlin Marathon in 2018 (where Eliud Kipchoge set a new world record). You finished the race by running in to the Olympic stadium and doing a lap where Jesse Owens once ran. Cool.

      The finisher prize was a jelly donut (a Berliner).

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