13 thoughts on “January 5, 2021: Out Of Commission”

  1. Just lost to Honest Abe in his first-ever game of cribbage (and given the amount of tears we've had the last month over backgammon and chess, he knows I don't take it easy on him). He managed to draw 9-9-8-7 on his last two hands and come from behind.

    1. We just introduced the little one to Aggrivation and Checkers in the last month or so. She's picking it up, still have to get it down a little more pat, but she's getting there.

      She's also really good at dominoes, though we just play to put them down and I'm always looking at hers to see what I can do to continue the chain rather than block her off.

    2. there's nothing quite like a little genuine success here and there to update a kid's perspective on the joys of games. At least when they are old enough to start grasping the concept that having a _chance_ to win is almost as much fun as actually winning.

      1. I did! We had left over roast potatoes from the chicken Vesuvius dinner the other night, so I pan fried to reheat doused in crystal hot sauce and topped with a runny fried egg. Delish.

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