39 thoughts on “January 6, 2021: This Is a Test”

  1. Our whole family is going to go get tested this afternoon. Probably nothing, but everyone but me has had some sort of possible illness over the last two days. Abundance of caution and all.

    I'm hoping they have something other than the brain tickler swab version for the sake of the kids, but I guess we'll see....

    1. We went for a saliva test in November but my 6-year old couldn't figure out how to generate enough saliva so we had to go get him a brain tickler. He handled it shockingly well, fortunately.

        1. I did the nose test at a CVS drive-thru when I got back from Minnesota. Man, that hurt- I had tears! I couldn't last the 15 seconds, so she made me do it again!

  2. Seeing headlines about the Capitol building being stormed, while watching Senate debate, and having the 1pm Hennepin County siren test all coinciding is...unsettling.

            1. I just went for my daily backpack hike (my January challenge) through Elizabeth Park, and I saw two police cars with flashing lights parked next to the governor's mansion. I'm thinking they're on high alert.

        1. I would hope this puts to rest any thoughts of preemptive pardons by Biden or directives not to prosecute. Pursue every last credible case. Prosecute to the full extent of the law.

  3. As I was watching coverage of the sh@tshow at the US Capital, and as I was fighting internet and phone issues at the joint, a helicopter flew overhead and I had visions of Red Dawn dance through my head. Like an idiot I scrolled through social media a few minutes ago and I am definitely losing friends over this craziness.

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