26 thoughts on “January 7, 2021: Hey, Correct Year”

  1. Last week, when I mentioned getting a COVID shot, someone referenced possible side-effects. I just thought I'd let you know that for me there have been none. I had a bit soreness in my arm for a couple of days, but nothing else, and the soreness was so minor that it really didn't even rise to the level of a nuisance. I can't speak to anyone else's experience. I'm just telling you this is how it's gone for me.

    1. Glad to hear it, Jeff! I have a while to wait yet, but my sister (a doctor) got her first dose a couple days ago and I'm eager to get mine when I can.

      For anyone who is interested in science stuff about the vaccine--and COVID-19 generally--I'm a big fan of Laurel Bristow on IG. Her stories in particular are hugely informative.

  2. its hard to engage in some good old fashioned Hot Stove today, but whoa

  3. Mrs. Twayn bought a climbing tower for the cat that arrived today so I got to put it together. For once all the pre-drilled holes lined up just right and all the parts were there. It looks pretty nice. So far the cat's completely ignored it.

  4. How my afternoon went.

    That, my friends, is an arrow that my dumbass neighbor shot through my balcony door, imbedding in my bedroom door. The shot carried from his backyard, over our shared fence, my backyard, back patio, and garage/studio, over the balcony railing and through a double-pane glass window in the door.

    The police dispatch was incredulous. "What? A sparrow?"

        1. I spoke with him after the cops were done. He was not exactly apologetic, but assured me that (a) he would pay for the repairs and (b) would no longer target practice in his backyard.

          When I described the damage he had caused, he kind of shrugged and said "yea, those arrows are pretty strong."

          Pretty strong, you dipshit? You could have killed someone!

    1. About 8 years ago, my neighbor's son was about 14 years old and was big into bow hunting. He always had a fake deer in is front yard, and shot arrows at it from an angle that a long miss could enter my yard across the street. It made me a little nervous, but they are good friends and I know the Dad is very strict, so I trusted all would be well. Well... one day I was walking in by backyard and found an arrow stuck into the ground about 30 ft behind my house, straight up and down. So, I could only guess that he shot it nearly straight up in the air and it flew over the trees between our houses, over the road, over my house and luckily no one was in the backyard when it landed. My neighbor was super apologetic and I know it was a lesson learned for that kid. They are all even closer friends right now, but man, that day I was so very upset! Hopefully your neighbor is embarrassed and contrite about your ordeal.

        1. The Mrs had a good talk with his parents this morning. They are, justifiably, pretty upset with their son. Mid-20s, so I won't call him a kid.

          But I suspect that the event has actually provided a mechanism for us and them to actually build a neighborly relationship.

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