15 thoughts on “January 9, 2021: Welcome Weekend”

  1. Man, I had a near death getting hurt really badly experience yesterday. I was commuting to work on my trusty surly bike when a driver decided that he didn't really want to stop for me (protected crossing on a bike path). I crammed on the breaks and there was a loud snap and suddenly no rear breaking. I hopped off the peddles and Fred Flintstone'd myself and the bike narrowly avoiding the car. I felt really, truly alive in the moment I thought I was going to die.

    I think I'm going to totally overhaul my whip by converting it to a 1x 9, and changing up the handle bar to a more swept back french city style with pursuit breaks and a paul thumbie for the rear shifter. Should only take me a month's worth of sundays.

    1. Yikes. Glad you are ok, brother.

      I had one vaguely similar experience I grad school, where a car decided to make a right turn in front of me near UTC in San Diego. I more or less flipped over the front of the bike slamming on my brakes as she missed me by inches. She did not stop. Important shopping to do, I guess.

      1. I also once had a similar incident. Left turn in front of me through the dedicated bike lane. Except that it was a left turn with oncoming traffic, so started making the turn and had to stop. I slammed on the brakes but still clipped the back corner of the now-stopped car hard enough that I flipped over the trunk. She cleared oncoming traffic and drove away immediately. I ended up with a few scrapes, but nothing more.

    2. When I was a kid, I was riding my bike home one day, coming down a hill towards an intersection where a car had stopped for the sign. I pedaled real hard to catch up to it. My plan was to slam on the brakes and skid to a stop right behind the car, only when I slammed on the coaster brake the chain broke and I backpedaled wildly as I slammed into the back of the car. I flew over the handlebars onto the trunk and then fell to the ground. I was way more embarrassed than hurt.

    3. I have been lucky. I have put thousands of miles on my bike over the years and never been hit or had a close call. However, in college, I was biking across a fairly busy intersection (4 way stop) and had a bag on my handlebars. In front of God and 15 waiting vehicles, a strap on my bag got caught in the front wheel. I did a glorious, over the handlebars, swan dive which resulted in major road rash and embarrassment. Luckily, it was before the time of camera phones.

  2. They (the drivers) have no idea how fast the bike is going, so when they pull that last minute right turn shtick with no signaling, you are very vulnerable.

    1. Okay, I'm a bit skeptical here, but at the same time really impressed with the flavors...... I've been making new mexican red chili based pork dishes for the last decade, and at first blush I was certain this would be one of those moments where I would end us saying that this was a more complicated NM red chili sauce, but this is a while different beast. Sweet, sour, punchy and spicy.

      1. Okay, this was awesome. Totally different than NM chili but equally delicious. Served on warmed flour tortillas with sliced avocado and shredded chez. I’ll be making this again.

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