11 thoughts on “January 10, 2021: Past Time”

  1. Potato Leek soup
    Chop and carefully clean two leaks, cut a little above where the white ends. In a Dutch oven, cook them in butter, adding minced garlic, bay leaves, and herbes de Provence. Add 4 small chopped Yukon gold potatoes and chicken broth, cooking till the potatoes are soft. You may need to add more broth to keep it in a soup-like consistency.

    Into the Vitamix (after removing bay leaves) and puree, then back into the pot, adding whole cream and salt and pepper. Great on a cold day.

    Interestingly the NYT had a recipe today also for leek+parsnip soup. I'll have to try that as NBBW loves parsnips.

    1. I can't wait to whip this one out at a choice moment and have people give me dirty looks for knowing it. Of course, if afflicted myself, recollection will necessarily not be forthcoming.

    1. We pulled down all of our decorations yesterday, including the fake tree. The day we put up our decorations last month, we threw out all decorations that were not put up. It was crazy that for about 10 years we had 4 plastic tubs of decorations that never got used, yet we never discarded. When we pulled down the tree yesterday, the cats were like "WTF!" The were wandering around aimlessly wondering what part of the house they can now tear into.

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