41 thoughts on “January 11, 2021: Sticky Stuff”

    1. Also, I now question how effective this stuff is:

      Harkins also said ex-Angels pitcher Andrew Bailey, now pitching coach of the Giants, requested "Sticky Stuff," as did the Minnesota Twins before the 2019 postseason.

          1. OCs who also were head coaches and never won a SB as head coach: Shurmur, Norv, Bevell, Linehan, Burnsie.

            DCs who also were head coaches and never won a SB:
            Emmitt Thomas (interim), Neill Armstrong, Bob Hollway.

  1. We got an email this morning with the news that my mother-in-law's senior living place will be giving round one of COVID vaccines on Wednesday.

    The place has done an amazing job of keeping everyone safe during the pandemic and I can't wait until we can have my MIL over for dinner.

      1. That's amazing. My mother-in-law's place has not had out-of-control spread, but there have been quite a number of cases. Of course, she's in Iowa where there was no mask mandate until mid-November. Even though the residents has been isolated in their rooms since last March, the staff are still out in the community.

      2. That is indeed amazing.

        My parents live in the Masonic Home community in Bloomington, albeit in an independent living house. To the best of my knowledge, the Big House has not had spread, or at least not uncontained spread, which would be terrible, given that they have both a memory unit, standard nursing home care, and a long-term rehab center.

  2. Lasorda is dead, long live Lasorda.

    H/T to the video billboard on I-10 at the superdome for alerting me to the passing of the dodger's manager. (I live in LA not L.A.)

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