29 thoughts on “January 16, 2021: Pajama Jammin’”

    1. I grew up in a household where we all wore bath robes to the breakfast table.

      When I got married, my wife bought me a bathrobe for Christmas one of our first years. I have worn it twice. I prefer to hang around in pajama pants and one of my T-shirts that is no longer in good enough shape for public display. Occasionally I will toss on an old hoodie on those days my wife thinks we are saving big money by dropping the thermostat down to 67 degrees.

    2. I am not a pj person. I'm too warm blooded and feel more comfortable in what I typically wear during the day (Pants and a North face or some such shirt). Might be a reaction from being forced to wear suits for a decade+ and being a remote worker for the next decade.

  1. I just finished my ReFi. We switched to a 20 year mortgage at 2.85%. which shaved 5.5 years off our repayment schedule and yet we're still paying less per month. Bananas.

    1. We submitted refinance paperwork yesterday, too. We just dropped out of the jumbo loan category (stupid high California prices, with no adjustment of the jumbo loan cutoff for cost of living....). Our rate will be dropping around 2 percentage points. Pretty sweet deal.

      1. What's your transactions cost for the refi?

        We keep getting sales letters for refis from our mortgage broker. But, having only been in the house for 15 months, I am having trouble believing a refi will make sense for us.

        1. Not including paying down principal to get below the limit, about $3000. That’s without paying for any points, since we decided that wasn’t worth it for where we are right now.

          We refinanced to take money out for construction about a year ago, and it was still well worth redoing it right now. The smaller monthly payments will make up for the fees in less than 5 months.

  2. I have tested negative for Covid. With Philosofette positive, this is a big pain. She has to continue isolating within our house, and the rest of us have to continue quarantining, meaning I've got the kids to myself, along with work and school and everything else. Best case would definitely have been a positive but remaining asymptomatic, because at least then the responsibilities could have been split a bit more.

        1. We got our PCR results on Monday after doing the tests last Saturday. So not “rapid,” but not too slow. They were also the “rub inside your nose” variety, instead of the “rub the very back of your nasal passages” kind, which made things go much smoother for the kids.

    1. I made guacamole on Friday but the fresh “cilantro” I bought was parsley! So disappointing. I went sans cilantro and it was decent but not great.

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