15 thoughts on “January 18, 2021: Evil”

        1. At that angle, I can almost envision the red car going up the bank, then nosing down and catapulting onto the parked car and truck. Maybe a pirouette in there, for effect. Dude (probably) must have been flooring it!

  1. She'll never see this LTE, but proud that NBBW bought and brought 43 lbs of food to Hands on Hartford today. 1 in 4 families in our great country are short of food and security.

    1. That is pretty cool NBB! We have a group in our area called Helping Hands of Alexandria. I am flabbergasted by all they have done in our community. Our joint did partner with them a few times including: Free food for first responders during the first wave of shutdowns. Donated gift cards to all salon workers in our area during the first shutdown. This week, we are feeding all 250+ mental health workers at no charge. We also have partnered with countless businesses who have called wanting to buy lunch for hospital workers or school employees. We usually charge them our cost. We have also been on the receiving end when a local charity put together some killer food/gift card boxes for over 500 restaurant workers in our area. My town may vote silly, and when you look at social media, we have some really messed up people with really messed up opinions, but... most people in the area are truly generous and have gone the extra mile to fill gaps in need and send messages out that essential workers are appreciated.

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