38 thoughts on “January 19, 2021: Guest DJ Sign-Up”

  1. I see that even with the new ownership and management, LOLMets is still a thing. Sometimes I'm amazed at the behavior other men think is acceptable.

      1. No, they took care of that business pretty quickly. It's the very least they could do, but credit where it's due, they didn't wait for some canned apology to inevitably fail and bend after a week of public pressure.

    1. We watch Charlie become an eccentric old man. Initially he is surrounded by the trappings of success - sycophantic assistants, greedy friends and family members, etc. Eventually he finds that the only person he can trust is Guillermo, one of the Oompa Loompas. As he grows ever more isolated, Guillermo convinces him to fly the magic elevator to Loompaland, where they rescue a cadre of Oompa Loompa candy-makers. Finally, Charlie seals off the factory from all outsiders, growing odder and odder. He starts wearing purple, and playing a little flute, and building strange magical hallways, and learning the intricacies of deceptively using contract fine-print. Until finally he is ready: he holds a contest to find a successor, and we realize, only then, that Charlie is Wonka. Wonka is Charlie. Time within the factory is cyclical, and that is why the gobstopper is everlasting.

    1. I planned to give them a shot over winter break this year, but never actually did it. So I've got nothing helpful to offer, but I'm interested to hear how they turn out!

    2. I've become a tamale master. Pati Jiunich's sweet potato black bean (and smoked pork) tamales are my go to. Biggest thing to consider is how to make an even filling (use the largest husks you can find to start - makes filling much easier). Slather a bunch of masa into the re-hydrated husks and use the back of the spoon to create a trench. Fill with a bit of beans and pork and gently roll the edges until you seal the filling inside the masa. Then roll the edges of the husk around and fold the bottom (if making them mexican style). Line the steamer basket with the small / broken husks that have also been hydrated. I put the wrapped tamales in the basket as I go. I also suggest you make a shit ton of them as rolling is a pain in the arse, but they freeze really well. I'll steam the whole works, cool those I don't want to eat right away and freeze them to deploy them when needed. (pro tip, reheat in the micro (or steam if you have to), and then unwrap and pan fry to crisp the masa a bit....... zomg.....) They're done when the wrapper cleanly pulls free and you're left with a tamale.

      Goes great on a salad, or with more beans, or with calabasas (pan seared zucchini with onion and hot peppers with broiled chez on top).

  2. My boss’s husband is a school teacher. He found out today that he’s got a Covid positive student in his class. My boss and his family will now wait to see if they’ve been infected.

    1. It is nerve wracking the first time. My institution closed to the public last week in the face of rolling surges in Orleans Parish, but that doesn't mean I'm not at the office every day. I had a team member text at 1030 pm Thursday to say that he needed the morning half of Friday off unexpectedly. I assume the best in people because idiot and thought they must have had a child care issue. Nope, just a really cool estate sale popped up that he "had to be at". SMGDH. Good luck to their family.

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