17 thoughts on “February 11, 2021: Sister Winter”

  1. I made some thermostat adjustments for the polar vortex. During the day I keep it at 67, but at bedtime I turn it down to 64 now. Mrs. Twayn hasn't noticed yet.

  2. My boss sent me a text of a video where I was deposed 24 years ago on a matter tangentially related to my previous career. He was viewing it with some folks and they said, well you know who this is... and... he didn't. Literally did not recognize me at all.

    Not that I have aged dramatically in the past 24 years or anything.

    1. came here for same. Huge, sad loss. Chick Correa, Flim & the BBs, and a few others were the soundtrack of my graduate school years.

    1. My current home with the shout out. Non-descript suburb.

      He's talking about us! I've been to that raided Walgreens!

      1. doesn't Chanhassen still feature a dinner theater?

        How in the WORLD can you label a suburb with a dinner theater as "non-descript"???!!! πŸ˜‰

          1. I thought that was going to be a cult devoted to the worship of Dennis Eckersley, in which case I would have expected it to be in Oakland or St. Louis. Turns out I was wrong.

            In other versions, the teachings go even further back to Gakko, a spiritual essence that traveled from the city of Retz on the planet Venus to Earth six million years ago...

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