30 thoughts on “February 21, 2021: Timberducks”

  1. On the grill all day (and now finishing in the oven because my snake died after 5 hours:

    Serious Eats-style crispy pork shoulder. I just rubbed with salt and pepper, smoked with pecan chips. Into a 250 oven for another hour or so to make sure it shreds easily. Then rest it while cranking the oven to 500 for about 20 minutes of crisping.

    Gonna serve with tortillas, refried beans, and sauteed beet greens from my garden.

    1. I approve this message. We're going to reverse lent things at the slaughterhouse. Starting tomorrow we're vegi/seafooditarian 6 days a week. Tonight we feast on andouille and chicken jumbo. Will be delish. Setting my sights on some seafood that is out of my normal comfort zone, though would kill for the vaccine and a crawfish boil with 25 of my closest friends......

        1. I mean, it is a challenge when you don't live on the gulf..... (I've always kinda chuckled at the burden of eating seafood for lent in a place that produces all the seafood one can imagine).

          1. I guess I definitely put my MN take on it... I'm never really sure how I feel about seafood beyond shrimp because I've so rarely had the good stuff (well, shrimp and all the crab cakes I ate in DC/MD).

                    1. h...ho...how...how are...how are you a Minnesotan???!!!

                      I agree with Beau that walleye is (somewhat) overrated, but only because it is so deified. I am big on crappies and smallmouth bass.

                  1. Walleye is overrated

                    How can it be overrated when it is only available on menus in 3 or 4 states? Seriously, it is a mild tasting fish that is a great canvas to build a tasty meal out of. I have had East Coast, West Coast, South Coast peeps in my joint who have tried our Buttercrumb Walleye and say it's one of the best fish dishes they have ever had. It is one of the few freshwater options that does not taste too "fishy". Personally, I prefer the flavor of Northern Pike, Perch and Bluegill, but you can do more with Walleye and the fillets are much easier to showcase.

        1. I realize that crawfish have a certain reputation for being weird / gross / extraterrestrial, but never such a bountiful feast have I ever seen / partaken in than that of a backyard boil. There is also the bit about drinking like a dozen light beers while waiting for the water to boil and shooting the 'it with your friends when the weather is nice. Truly one of life's pleasures.

    2. Slow cooker pot roast here. I still don't have my full sense of smell/taste back, but this was excellent. And an Italian herb and cheese bread braid is in the oven now.

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