24 thoughts on “February 28, 2021: Play Ball”

    1. No kidding. Newbish and I had the game on for a couple of hours while we went about our day yesterday, and it just felt right to hear baseball coming out of an old radio.

      Which is good, because depending on how things shake out, an old radio might be my primary way of interacting with the team this year.

      1. I know it's just a spring training exhibition, but if a team can just arbitrarily decide to end a half-inning whenever they want, there's no real point to keeping track of the score or keeping track of wins and losses. Of course, maybe there's no reason to keep track of that stuff in exhibition games anyway.

    1. Well, he is the heartthrob of the current squad. My daughter is in love with him. He has a cool story behind him and has managed his first few seasons without saying or doing anything stupid. Very marketable in the upper Midwest.

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